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Developing Interactive and Scalable iPhone and iPad apps.

Building a successful business model around iOS apps that also generates revenue can be much difficult than you expect it to be. To put it simply, its more than just finding a low-cost iOS app developer or financing an iOS development team. There are so many processes and development methods involved in building a successful iOS mobile application.

Over the years, App Maisters has provided services to all kinds of enterprises-top-notch companies, who seek talented iOS app developers, and small ventured firms, seeking strategies and tactical executive on their business-facing iOS application. Our iOS Development team has work experience with apps for numerous industries including healthcare, oil & gas, financial, process, energy and educations under its belt.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, App Maisters fully understands the fact that every iPad or iPhone App’s success depends on how its designed. This is why our designers are precise in each pixel, ensuring that every app has an easy and convenient interface for its users.

Our iPhone app development team uses a technique of storyboarding, then creates prototypes & wireframes to ensure your business needs are met from the very initial stages. We then use various shape tools, filters, colored backgrounds and different styling techniques on multiple layers to achieve the final result of your design. Our primarily objective is to focus on building successful and five star rated Apps for our clients. We have had the honor of being named the “Top iPhone, iOS app development company” by several big and small independent agencies.

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Hardware Integration

The iOS platform offers many different ways to integrate iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad with external hardware.

We have experience working on multiple iphone, ipad app development projects in which we have integrated home appliances, wearables, medical devices, sensors and other hardware’s within iOS Apps using powerful and agile computing strategies. Our iOS developers have transformed the way users interact with the hardware conventionally.



Coding is one of the most lengthy and time consuming portion of iOS development process. It is crucial for ensuring that the application being developed does not crash. Programming requires a high level of skill and fine-tuning to ensure that the functions of your iOS app work seamlessly.

Our iPhone & iPad App developers possess expertise, not only in programming languages like Objective C, XCode, but also in developing the back-end web services and APIs architecture—a process not too many app developers are familiar with.

From fixing a feature on your existing app, to implementing new changes, or getting consultation and validation for your idea, App Maisters’ can help provide a cost-effective team to get the job done in no time.


iPhone App Marketing

Not only do we understand the importance of design and iOS development, but also how tough it is to launch an iPhone application in a sea of millions out there. We help our clients market, strategize, optimize and monetize their application. Instead of risking your image and then learning from your mistakes, work with us and allow yourself to learn from our experience of successful and proven frameworks for iPhone app marketing.

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Free Consultation for iOS Development

With App Maisters, get ready to be exposed to the experts in iOS development and design. Not only that, but also marketing managers in the mobility space, who would help you refine your product concept into an exciting user story for iOS users. The team of iPhone & iPad App developers we have in Houston, Texas is highly talented—always exceeding any expectations or demands our clients have by providing them a competitive edge over their competitors.

So, what’s the wait? Step ahead in your game by allowing App Maisters to assist you in every phase of iOS development—be it iPhone or iPad app development. Reach out today so your team can concentrate on other important matters at hand. Contact us to get a free consultation, always excited to talk about a new project, we will immediately consult you on taking the next best plan for action.


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