Transforming Document Management Oil Gas Firm


Our client is a prominent international Oil & Gas company known for its strong vision, commitment to excellence, and a culture deeply rooted in performance and delivery. With a workforce exceeding 5000 employees, our client specializes in providing specialized and integrated hydrocarbon solutions to the energy industry. Their clientele includes some of the world’s largest and most demanding organizations.


In addition to addressing these specific challenges, the client sought to leverage SharePoint to enhance traceability, accountability, and overall productivity within their organization. They already utilized SharePoint for managing engineering documents and drawings for various projects. Their objectives included:


To address these challenges and meet Client’s objectives, a comprehensive SharePoint solution was implemented, featuring:


The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements for Our client:

The Client is now well-equipped to meet the demands of their clients, maintain a robust document management system, and leverage SharePoint to drive productivity and excellence throughout their organization.