Hawaii Revealed


Our client, Hawaii Revealed, specializes in producing exceptional guidebooks that allow travelers to delve into the marvels of the Hawaiian islands. Recognizing the modern traveler’s need for mobile accessibility, they embarked on a project to develop an application. This application was designed to offer visitors a comprehensive audio tour, enriching their journey across the stunning Hawaiian islands.


The project’s primary objective, initiated by Hawaii Revealed, was to construct an inclusive digital platform. This platform would facilitate users in effortlessly finding Resorts, Restaurants, Beaches, and Sights, while providing Real-time Weather & Safety Updates across Hawaii’s major islands: Kauai, Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. This endeavor aimed to not only enhance the tourist experience but also to align with the government’s efforts to manage tourism sustainably and efficiently. To achieve this significant undertaking, Hawaii Revealed engaged the expertise of AppMaisters, seeking their renowned proficiency in complex digital platform development.


App Maisters, a leader in enterprise-level digital solutions, proposed an innovative solution that culminated in the development of an exceptional app. This cutting-edge application boasts an interactive map feature, inviting users to engage with unbiased reviews spanning resorts, restaurants, attractions, beaches, and beyond. The platform’s advanced capabilities extend to the exploration of hidden local gems, mesmerizing waterfalls, and immersive culinary adventures, fostering a deeper connection with Hawaii’s cultural tapestry. The incorporation of offline map functionality demonstrates App Maisters’ commitment to providing unparalleled user experiences, enabling seamless island exploration even without an internet connection. This transformative solution reflects App Maisters’ dedication to crafting advanced digital tools that redefine enterprise-level engagement and enrich user interactions.

Main Features

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