PSHYC+ – EHR Application for Psychiatry Clinics


A company based in Houston, TX has approached App Maisters team to develop a SaaS based HIPAA/HiTrust Compliant EHR application for  psychiatric clinics nationwide.


To develop a Cloud based EHR application that’s fully compliant with HIPAA/HiTrust and help clinicians keep track of Patient historical data, check ups,  reminders, correspondences, documents, Lab results, Vitals signs and in general helps  monitor and improve the quality of care in the practice. The application was also required to facilitate sharing data outside the practice with other health care providers, such as laboratories and specialists. In addition, it was also required to send prescription electronically to pharmacies through out the United States.

App Solution

App Maisters Cloud experts developed the application based on Azure Cloud and delivered a fully compliant HIPAA/HiTrust application. The application was also made FHIR compliant so it can easily exchange informaton with other Healthcare applications like lab systems, Imaging systems etc.  App Maisters provided e prescription module by incorporating APIs from Weno Exchange. For billing, the application was integrated with a third party Billing company. On Cloud, the application was developed through Native Cloud Features of Azure and used server less architecture to deliver the solution.

Tools & Technology

  • C #.Net
  • Laravel
  • Angular JS
  • Azure Web role and Container Service
  • Azure Function
  • Azure SQL
  • Serverless Architecture


  • Client is extremely happy with the product.
  • The app was highly scalable and secure and meet all the compliance guidelines
  • The app was architected to ensure future client needs of integrating with Fitness devices and BI reporting needs.