Clinical Archiving

Leverage Smart Data Management to Improve Patient Care

Whether you’re looking to optimize business processes & operations or you want to improve patient care, clinical archiving might be the solution for you. The experts at App Maisters can help you relocate your data from legacy EHRs on to an integrated, synthesized repository.  The benefits of relocating legacy data to a secure archiving system are:

  • Easy access to the health records of your patients from one place. This way, clinicians will have a comprehensive overview of all records, thus enabling them to work more efficiently when it comes to providing care.
  • Timely responses on requests to audits, patient information, and litigation events.
  • Long-term savings for IT departments. By using clinical archiving solutions, teams can better manage resources and allocate adequate budget amounts to developing productive strategic initiatives.

Why Clinical Archiving is Critical for your Business

It’s time to embrace digital transformation and pay closer attention to the benefits of systems that provide advanced electronic health & medical records. Legacy systems are slowing down productivity, not to mention that they’re predisposed to human error. Also, outdated systems are driving down customer expectations because it becomes challenging to provide proper care and have access to the right type of information all at the same time.

With clinical archiving and the right solution implemented by our proficient team at App Maisters, you’ll be able to save more and have a pre-defined IT budget that works to help you develop scalable strategic initiatives. By migrating patient data from an outdated legacy system to an all-in-one platform that keeps patient data updated and monitored 24/7, you’ll have the chance to reduce costs pertaining to maintenance and support.

At App Maisters, our clinical archiving solutions have been carefully designed and architected by the best in the field. Our clients will also be offered live access to all of their archived records. This way, an organization’s entire management can access it from any device, at any moment of the day.

Streamlined Coordination & Improved Efficiency with Clinical Archiving

One of the core benefits of clinical archiving is that it provides an all-in-one view of your patient data. Logging into legacy-based applications is done extremely easily while at the same time decreasing maintenance costs and guaranteeing progressing compliance with PHI, HIPAA, and additional regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, clinical archiving ensures both business and care continuity because the data can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. With the help of App Maisters, we can architect a system with on-demand access to all of your patient records, archived documents, as well as images, and EPIC integration. This way, clinicians can have a bird’s eye view of the diagnosis, treatment, and history of all patients at the point of care. To reduce data load, we guarantee unparalleled system performance by archiving inactive data, thus making sure your production systems are operating at the best speed.

Who can Benefit from Clinical Archiving?

With decades of experience in building state-of-the-art platforms and apps in multiple fields and industries, App Maisters has all it takes to kickstart your journey towards digital transformation. To connect all stakeholders and have a chance at competing with the best and most powerful in the delivery & pick-up niche, our experienced team of engineers will develop a flawless on-demand platform and app that matches your exact demands and expectations.

We commit to  strategizing a business plan that fits within your budget for white-label agent & custom applications:


Keep patient information organized, intuitive, and easy to access and retrieve Enjoy direct access to archived patient data straight from the EHR Share archived documents securely between clinicians part of your network and/or enterprise

Health information managers

Print or export archived medical data easily and in perfect safety Add/remove records from the history of your patients
Easily configure privacy preferences to keep patients safe and secure Keep data organized for additional purposes such as data mining, which in the future, might be extremely useful for advanced system integrations based on big data analytics

Information technology

Enjoy sizeable paybacks by decreasing CAPEX and OPEX costs in as little as 6 months Save money and resources so that you can invest smartly in IT and speed innovation  Keep patient information at hand in an XML-based archive that abides by OAIS (Open Archival Information System)