The Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory, a federal agency under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is dedicated to investigating poisonous plants and their toxins, developing diagnostic and prognostic procedures, identifying conditions leading to poisoning, and devising management strategies and treatments to reduce livestock losses. Through comprehensive research efforts, this agency plays a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s agricultural sector and livestock industry. By advancing knowledge about plant-induced poisoning and providing ranchers with effective tools and practices, the Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory actively contributes to the overall health and sustainability of livestock, thereby supporting the well-being of both animals and the livelihood of farmers.


The government authorities recognized a critical need to empower farmers and citizens alike with crucial information on poisonous plants that pose a threat to crops and livestock. To address this pressing concern, they approached App Maisters, a leading mobile application development company, with the ambitious task of building a CMS-based mobile application. This application aims to serve as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, enabling farmers and citizens to easily search for and access vital information about harmful plants that could impact agricultural activities and animal welfare.


In collaboration with government officials from the Poisonous Plant Research laboratory, App Maisters proposed a comprehensive solution to develop an iOS/Android mobile application addressing the critical need for farmers and citizens to access vital information about poisonous plants and their effects on livestock. The app features an intuitive interface enabling easy search and viewing of plant attributes, while also allowing authorized administrators to update content through a custom CMS. Robust reporting and user management functionalities facilitate effective communication, and a hybrid design ensures both online and offline access, enhancing agricultural safety and decision-making. Aligned with the government’s vision, App Maisters’ solution aims to create an impactful and inclusive tool that supports the farming community and contributes to the nation’s agricultural growth.

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