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Being startups ourselves once upon a time, we completely understand how difficult it could be to kickstart, fund and launch your precious startup business. This is why we love assisting all kinds of disruptive startups, big or small, acting as their number one go to development hub that provides digital transformation & tech execution services.

Our energy-driven squad offers all-in-one revolutionary services ranging from basic web software & app development to big data, AR/VR, and IoT. We are also experts in providing startup app designs, marketing, management, support and app funding facilitations.

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What We Do For Startups?

Our main aim is to provide end-to-end rapid design & development services to all emerging startups reaching out to us. Be it a new application that has to be built from zero or an already existing app that needs refurbishing to OS updates, migration, or extra features, you can count on our team of App Maisters. To put it simply—we leave no stone unturned towards building compelling applications that will engage your users

Our development expertise is derived from more than a decade of experience, and our project heads acknowledge that startups already face numerous challenges. This is why we offer flexible & customized package plans allowing each startup to easily partner with us and hustle hard.

Planning for Startups App Maisters

For Fund Seeking Startups

We offer a handful of plans under App Funding Facilitation for those companies that are yet in the process of gathering funds and sponsors. The AFF platform allows your app dream to turn into a reality. It provides you with all the analytical resources to cater to your business idea. These plans include all related analytical research work, along with a complete business framework and proposal.


App Maisters Investor Pitch


App Maisters Success Plan

Consulting On Demand

Consulting On Demand with app maisters


ROI Booster with App Maisters

For Funded Startups

We provide the following services for Entrepreneurs and Funded Startups whether it’s new idea or an on-going project in any stage of the product development life cycle.

Initial Mobility Consultation

App Designing


Quality Assurance &

APP Marketing &
Product Launch

Support &

Exceptional Support System - App Maisters

Our Discovery Process

A glance at how our initial app discovery method works

We apply a tried and tested initial discovery process to assist every startup approaching us. Each phase of our discovery process allows us to establish a solid foundation for our collaboration.

App maisters Brain Storming Workshops

Brain Storming Workshops

This is the part where we kick start, applying all our efforts into the determination of your product scope and features.

App Maisters Wireframes & Mockups

Wireframes & Mockups

Based on initial brainstorming and discussions, our designers start working on wireframes and mockups.

App Maisters Finalize UI/UX


Based on the feedback we receive, we provide you a final clickable prototype. Our goal here is to finalize a captivating UI/UX for your startup.

App Maisters Delivering MVP


At this point, App Maisters would start to build out the complete application and backend that can be tested out and deployed.

Our Services

App Maisters Delivering MVP

Rapid Design

Elevate your success with our smart design team's visually stunning mockups and prototypes in the dynamic digital market.

App Maisters Mobile Wearable & IoT Development

Mobile Wearable & IoT Development

App Maisters excels in mobile, IoT, and wearable development, offering award-winning processes and end-to-end digital transformation services.

App Maisters Mobile App Security & Testing

Mobile App Security & Testing

Our Quality Assurance team ensures top-notch solutions, from initial consultation to development, with comprehensive mobile security for full compliance.

App Maister's Managed Cloud Development

Managed Cloud Development

App Maisters provides managed cloud development and migration, with expert guidance on platform choice, cost reduction, and efficiency for startups.

App Maisters Support & Maintenance

Support &

Our support team offers unmatched, comprehensive services, ensuring your app stays updated with the latest platform upgrades and features.

App maisters Digital Transformation & Development Expert

Digital Transformation & Development Expert

App Maisters combines specialized development and digital transformation expertise to help startups and enterprises build, manage, and market their products.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Eulogizee App

App Maisters partners with a compassionate platform for an innovative SaaS solution—Eulogizee App. Connecting users, donors, and funeral homes seamlessly, it ensures meaningful farewells without financial constraints.


Sports Statistic App

App Maisters upgraded a sports statistics app to include live scores, team and player comparisons, and a subscription model, enhancing user experience and driving revenue growth through intuitive functionality and comprehensive sports insights.


Ride Share Mobile Application

App Maisters developed a concise ride-sharing platform with social media sign-up, live location tracking, and secure payments. The app has markedly improved urban mobility, streamlining ride scheduling and enhancing user satisfaction.

Safety & Security

Emergency Alert And Safety App

App Maisters and a leading Security Firm have introduced a cutting-edge crisis preparedness app. Designed for businesses and places of worship, it enhances safety through essential emergency info, real-time alerts, and a panic button, managed via a user-friendly admin panel.
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