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Being startups ourselves once upon a time, we completely understand how difficult it could be to kickstart, fund and launch your precious startup business. This is why we love assisting all kinds of disruptive startups, big or small, acting as their number one go to development hub that provides digital transformation & tech execution services.

Our energy driven squad offers all-in-one revolutionary services ranging from basic web software & app development to big data, AR/VR, and IoT. We are also experts in providing startup app designs, marketing, management, support and app funding facilitations.

What Do We Do for Startups?

Our main aim is to provide end-to-end rapid design & development services to all emerging startups reaching out to us. Be it a new application that has to be built from zero or an already existing app that needs refurbishing to OS updates, migration or extra features, you can count on our team of App Maisters. To put it simply—we leave no stone unturned towards building compelling applications that will engage your users

Our development experise comes from more than a decade’s worth of experience & our project heads acknowledge the fact that start-ups have their plates already full with other potential struggles. This is why we offer flexible & customized package plans allowing each startup to easily partner with us and hustle hard.

For Fund-Seeking Startups

We have a few plan under App Funding Facilitation for those companies that are yet in the process of gathering funds and sponsors. The AFF platform allows your app dream to turn into a reality. It provides you all the analytical resources to cater your business idea. These plans includes all related analytical research work, along with a complete business framework and proposal.

Currently, we have 4 basic funding facilitation plans.

investors pitch

success plan

consulting on demand

ROI Booster

For Funded Startups

We provide the following services for Entrepreneurs and Funded Startups whether it’s new idea or an on-going project in any stage of the product development life cycle.

Initial Mobility Consultations

Get consulted for free regarding your existing product idea

App Design


Enhance your UI/UX using our design & branding services


Turn your raw idea into a living reality with our development expertise

Quality Assurance & Testing

Stay covered 24/7 with our secure testing and QA

App Marketing &

Product Launch

Optimize your success by marketing your product before launching it

Support &


Get the best support & maintenance from our experts post launch


A Glance at How Our Initial App Discovery Method Works:

We apply a tried & tested initial discovery process to assist every startup approaching us. Each phase of our discovery process allows us to establish a better ground for us to work together.


This is the part where we kick start, applying all our efforts into the determination of your product scope and features.


Based on initial brainstorming and discussions, our designers start working on wireframes and mockups.


Based on the feedback we receive, we provide you a final clickable prototype. Our goal here is to finalize a captivating UI/UX for your startup.


At this point, App Maisters would start to build out the complete application and backend that can be tested out and deployed.

Our Services

Rapid Design Prototyping

In the existing digital & app market, designing tends to take lead above all other technologies. Therefore, our smart design team plays a crucial role towards ensuring your company’s success. Step up and collaborate now with our creative heads to create visually amazing mockups and prototypes.

Mobile, Wearable & IoT Development

At App Maisters, we sleep and wake up doing mobile app development. Back in the days, we were startups ourselves. Our engineers have developed an award-winning work process over the years – we are proud of the fact that today, we offer end-to-end digital transformation services and mobility solutions.
Connect with us to get the industry’s best services in building your mobile, IoT or wearable product.

Mobile App Security & Testing

Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated, staying by your side right from the starting discovery and consultation phase down to the technical development process. We assure the finest quality solutions until you, yourself believe that the final product you get is far beyond your hopes. The mobile security we provide caters the whole arena of compliance requirements. This means your information is secured and safe from all potential threats.

Managed Cloud Development

App Maisters also offers a managed cloud development solution, which you can opt for while developing your new cloud app, or while migrating an existing app. Our cloud experts support you in selecting the right platform and cloud (private, public or hybrid). Our featured cloud based services are perfect to assist you as a startup, reducing your cost and maximizing efficiency.

Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance department keeps a comprehensive approach towards providing services that are truly unmatched. We take care of your app, providing technical support that keeps your product updated with all the latest platform upgrades and compatible features.

Specialized Digital Transformation & Development

At App Maisters, we strive with our aim towards being a specialized development center, at the same time being an all-in-one digital transformation partner for startups & growing enterprises. Having more than a decade’s of experience in the industry, we will provide you everything that’s required to build, grow, manage and market your product or business idea.

So, why wait? Reach out to us today & get a free consultation. Your startup team can trust us with their product ideas and business intentions. Additionally, when you connect with App Maisters, we welcome you on board with an official NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This legally binds an agreement, making sure that all your work interests are protected.

Client Stories

Stand For Kind

Stand For Kind is a non-profit organization whose goal is to change the culture within schools and provide kindness programs to all schools. They wish to provide students access to quality safety programs. The application allows students to choose and perform a good deed from a pre-checked list and share it with friends – in other words, a social network for kindness.

Objective of the application was to increase the incentives for students to perform a good deed and collectively contribute to improving the culture of the school. By creating an application, the students had easy access to view, perform and share a good deed as well as submit an Act of Kindness.

Please Click Here to view Stand For Kind case study.

Drag Racer Reaction Trainer

Drag Racer Reaction Trainer is an virtual reality application created to help drag racers to practice their reaction time at the starting point. The application enables the users to practice using the different options in ‘Christmas tree’ pre-stage lights & external conditions to help increased the actual experience.

Please Click Here to view Drag Racer case study.

Two Way

Two Way is a social instant messaging service with a auto text translator. The app is created to bridge the gap between two people that speak different languages or are from different parts of the world. The app eliminates the language barrier between any two language with the use of auto translator to translate text in the preferred language.

Please Click Here to view Two Way case study.

AI Solution For Houston-Based Startup

An Artificial Intelligence startup in Houston, approached us to develop a Saas based application. The application provides quantitative research driven industries named- entity recognition and information extract of news media and social media sites with a subscription based module.

Please Click Here to view the case study.