Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting

Business Intelligence Consulting

We, at App Maisters, help companies solve complex business intelligence challenges via business-oriented BI ecosystems meant to boost the technological side of their data management. Out BI consulting solutions cater to both mature enterprises as well as startups looking to initiate their BI journey.  In terms of services provided, the App Maisters consultants are dedicated to solving all kinds of business intelligence challenges related to software requirements, and industry regulations, growing standards of reporting and analytics.

BI Analysis

Our core BI consulting service is focused on evaluating existing business intelligence environments. We analyze the level of accuracy of the software in place, as well as the way it addresses the current needs of our clients.

In terms of solutions, we are committed to uncovering tech-related gaps and coming up with relevant solutions to fix any discrepancies. Our analysis includes a detailed BI-centric road map targeted at increasing the efficiency of BI solutions in use. This way, we can guarantee a successful user adoption of newly implemented analytical systems.


BI Implementation

Throughout the years, we have accumulated the insight and knowledge necessary to provide top-quality business intelligence consulting solutions. Furthermore, we combine our BI experience with vast AI-based competencies to be able to deliver incredibly sophisticated BI services, thus ensuring automated big data processing and intricate analytics easily accessible and readily available for our business users.

BI Augmentation

We help companies of all shapes and sizes adapt to changing data market conditions, as well as improve BI needs and software capabilities. App Maisters has a dedicated team 100% focused on optimizing BI-centric solution architectures and outdated features. We deliver unique BI modules, BI systems UI, and consistent UX experiences across a multitude of platforms and devices.


Business Intelligence Development

Our BI Development process covers almost all aspect of a BI project life cycle from Requirement analysis to all the way to transferring data from legacy systems to identifying the most feasible and cost effective solution for you BI needs.

Recognition & Discovery

  • Requirement analysis
  • Infrastructure evaluation
  • Metrics selection
  • BI consulting
  • Visualization conceptualization

Data Classification & Data Extraction

  • Data classification, cleansing & aggregation
  • Data quality assessment
  • ETL setup

BI Optimization

  • DWH migration
  • Technology updates
  • Data quality enhancements
  • ETL redesigning
  • Data storage extension

Data Modeling

  • Data lake setup
  • DWH architecture
  • Data integration
  • OLAP cube design

BI Deployment

  • Dashboard & report design
  • Enterprise systems integration
  • UI & UX personalization
  • BI software configuration
  • BI software implementation

BI Testing & BI QA

  • DWH security testing
  • BI stress testing & performance
  • Dashboard & report assessment
  • Data quality checkups

ETL & Data Warehouse Design


As experts in BI consulting, we are well aware that for a BI solution to be successful and deliver quality, it must feature a solid BI architecture. We, at App Maisters, are fully committed to designing accurate BI frameworks centered on scalability, performance, and security in all types of environments. Furthermore, we are devoted to designing ETL pipelines by leveraging streaming and batch processing to be able to ensure optimal data aggregation, delivery, and transformation models.

Data Visualization

For our visually compelling reporting, data-based decision-making process, and insightful analytics, we make use of and personalize data visualization solutions. Our team commits to delivering various toolsets as part of our BI implementation. Our end goal is to develop a well-crafted strategy capable of transforming complex data into easy-to-understand dashboards, diagrams, and charts. Furthermore, we make sure our users’ experience remains consistent for both experienced data analysts and users with little experience in business intelligence.


Business Intelligence Optimization

Data Integration

Via seamless data integration services, our teams of developers and BI consultants are dedicated to helping companies keep the homogeneity, unity, and efficacy of their expanding data landscape. We combine scattered sources of data to ensure fluid connectivity between various enterprise systems. Also, we guarantee that data flows are 100% secure and error-free.


Data Migration

We help enterprises switch to alternative BI environments, new BI platforms, and data storage at all stages of the data migration process. We make sure that your new infrastructure is properly set up and prepared for migration. Also, we handle the optimization part to be certain it has been migrated to the right location. To use and manage the migrated data properly, we ensure training for both business users and tech experts.

Data Security

We provide BI solutions that also include customized security features. Or, as an alternative, we integrate solutions with existing monitoring and data protection systems. Our team at App Maisters doesn’t just deploy security toolkit, but also all-around security activities such as tuning security features, implementation of security updates, and BI application tests.


BI Solutions

In terms of BI deployment, we cover different scenarios, from BI systems developed on top of other tech platforms all the way to custom-coded solutions and BI integration with third-party software. Our business intelligent consulting solutions is an all-in-one guide for our customers. We teach them how to choose the right piece of technology, as well as provide steps on customization and implementation of the most optimal BI features.

Personalized Business Solutions

We provide state-of-the-art BI solutions customized to the needs of each organization we work with, as well as aligned with the best industry standards in data protection and data management. For all customized BI solutions we offer ongoing support post-development, too.


Platform-Based Business Intelligence

To benefit from the pre-built abilities of different BI products, we enforce various platform-based BI solutions to allows us to transform tools that are template-based into personalized apps with stable performance, genuine features, and increasing user adoption.


Embedded Business Intelligence

We take great pride in our BI development pack by designing and implementing business intelligence components, modules, and extensions for business apps to ensure accessible BI capabilities across the whole lifecycle of the enterprise software ecosystem.


Multi-Purpose Business Intelligence

Customer-centric business intelligence

App Maisters develops innovative solutions that aggregate, collect, and process consumer data, and thus help organizations get to know their target audience a lot better. This way, customizing their offering, increasing customer experience, and improving B2B connections will become a lot easier. By choosing App Maisters, companies can skyrocket their business development, marketing, and sales activities by leveraging clear-cut analytics.

Enterprise business intelligence

For stakeholders, we configure BI suites at an enterprise level to ensure seamless business operations, employee advocacy, production effectiveness, and realistic organizational outcomes. Our customers will finally be able to benefit from real-time analytics for concise reporting and strategic, as well as from suitable communication with vendors and partners.

AI-powered business intelligence

We craft solutions that leverage built-in AI for digitized, error-free smart data analytics. Furthermore, we offer solutions meant to help organizations keep their data flows organized; this way improving their aggregated and stored data so that it can be easily used in various data science, machine learning, and deep learning models.

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