Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting

Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting

App Maisters specializes in creating business intelligence (BI) ecosystems tailored for both established enterprises and startups embarking on BI. Our consulting services address software requirements, industry regulations, and evolving standards in reporting and analytics, streamlining complex data management challenges.

Identifications Of KRAS & KPIS

Most industries today have clear KRAs/KPIs for various business functions, but the effectiveness of these indicators increases significantly at the third, more customer-specific level. General metrics, like scrap percentage, only offer surface insights and can mask individual performance variations. For actionable solutions and preventive measures, it’s crucial to analyze KPIs at a granular level, such as by each batch and work centre.

App Maisters Identifications Of KRAS & KPIS
App Maisters Define Dashboard Design

Define Dashboard

In an organization, each level interacts with the same information differently. Senior management focuses on aggregated data, delving into details only for specific issues or opportunities. Effective dashboard design for a business hinges on understanding both its functions and management levels. Without this, the needs of certain user groups may be overlooked, diminishing the dashboard’s effectiveness. This process also involves identifying data sources and necessary transformations to create meaningful dashboard metrics.

BI Tools Selection

Developing and implementing Business Intelligence strategy for a business requires finding the right BI tool that will meet all business parameters while meeting requirements. This warrants a disciplined process to be followed. The process ensures that all requirements are identified early in the process so that the business does not have to make compromises later. BI tool selection also includes finding the right ETL tool, various specialized connectors if needed, security framework etc.

App Maisters BI Tools Selection
Tableau - App Maisters
Power BI - App Maisters
IBM Cognos - App Maisters
Oracle - App maisters
Microsoft - App Maisters
SAP - App Maisters

Business Intelligence Development

Recognition & Discovery

Data Classification & Data Extraction

BI Optimization

Data Modeling

BI Deployment

BI Testing & BI QA

ETL & DWH Design - App Maisters

ETL & DWH Design

At App Maisters, our expertise in BI consulting emphasizes the importance of robust BI architecture for quality solutions. We focus on scalable, high-performance, and secure BI frameworks in various environments. Additionally, we specialize in creating efficient ETL pipelines using both streaming and batch processing for effective data aggregation, delivery, and transformation.

Data Visualization

We enhance decision-making and analytics with customized data visualization solutions. Our team provides diverse toolsets for BI implementation, aiming to convert complex data into clear dashboards, diagrams, and charts. We ensure a user-friendly experience for both seasoned data analysts and novices in business intelligence.

App Maisters Data Visualization Services

Business Intelligence Optimization

App Maisters Data Integration

Data Integration

Our developers and BI consultants specialize in seamless data integration services, ensuring the consistency, unity, and efficiency of your growing data landscape. We integrate diverse data sources for smooth connectivity across enterprise systems while maintaining secure and error-free data flows.


App Maisters Data Migration Services

Data Migration

We guide enterprises through every stage of transitioning to new BI environments, platforms, and data storage. This includes setting up and preparing the new infrastructure, ensuring optimized migration, and providing training for both business users and technical experts to effectively use and manage the migrated data.

App Maisters Data Security

Data Security

We provide BI solutions that also include customized security features. Or, as an alternative, we integrate solutions with existing monitoring and data protection systems. Our team at App Maisters doesn’t just deploy security toolkit, but also all-around security activities such as tuning security features, implementation of security updates, and BI application tests.

BI Solution

In terms of BI deployment, we cover different scenarios, from BI systems developed on top of other tech platforms all the way to custom-coded solutions and BI integration with third-party software. Our business intelligent consulting solutions is an all-in-one guide for our customers. We teach them how to choose the right piece of technology, as well as provide steps on customization and implementation of the most optimal BI features.

Personalized BI Solution

We provide state-of-the-art BI solutions, customized to meet the unique needs of each organization we work with and aligned with the best industry standards for data protection and data management. We also offer ongoing support for all our customized BI solutions post-development.

Platform Based BI

To benefit from the pre-built abilities of different BI products, we enforce various platform-based BI solutions to allows us to transform tools that are template-based into personalized apps with stable performance, genuine features, and increasing user adoption.

Embedded Business Intelligence

We take great pride in our BI development pack by designing and implementing business intelligence components, modules, and extensions for business apps to ensure accessible BI capabilities across the whole lifecycle of the enterprise software ecosystem.


Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Plastic Moulding Manufacturer

App Maisters developed an application for a global plastic moulding manufacturer, enabling organization-wide access to essential business tools and KPI visualizations for touchscreen use, enhancing their BI capabilities.


Global Medical Device Manufacturer

App Maisters was tasked by a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, operating in over 80 countries, to enhance their data visualization with PowerBI, supporting their PMO's oversight of 15-20 concurrent, multi-departmental projects lasting 8-24 months.


Nursing Care Bi Solution

App Maisters provided strategic consulting to a healthcare firm, optimizing decision-making support for their Skilled Nursing Product by standardizing reporting and improving data governance for service providers and citizens.


Transforming Cemetery Services with Business Intelligence

App Maisters developed a scalable BI solution tailored for the funeral and cemetery industry, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and featuring a user-friendly interface for enhanced decision-making.


Supply Chain BI Portal

App Maisters developed "ScoreUs," a user-friendly Admin Web App for efficient multilingual resource procurement, empowering data-driven decisions and process optimization.
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