Development of a Blockchain-Enhanced Radiation Monitoring Solution for Healthcare


App Maisters’ client, a pioneering healthcare institution, required a sophisticated system to monitor radiation exposure levels in compliance with the ALARA principle and regulatory thresholds. Traditional passive dosimeters, characterized by their delayed data reporting and lack of cumulative exposure tracking, presented significant challenges in achieving these objectives.


The client’s existing system lacked the following capabilities:

The Solution: Active IoT Dosimeter by App Maisters

App Maisters responded to this challenge by developing an innovative, blockchain-powered ‘Active IoT Dosimeter.’ This solution redefined radiation monitoring by offering real-time, cumulative data analysis and utilizing cloud storage, analytics, and machine learning capabilities. The device’s blockchain foundation assured data integrity and security.

Key Innovations

Implementation and Outcomes

The solution leveraged BLE technology for efficient data transfer within a robust IoT platform, facilitating the capture, emission, storage, and analysis of data. The deployment of this dosimeter significantly streamlined radiation monitoring processes.



App Maisters’ bespoke blockchain-enhanced dosimeter marked a significant leap forward in radiation safety management. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, App Maisters empowered the client to exceed safety standards and embrace digital transformation in healthcare operations.