Drone Sensing Data Collection App

Drone Sensing Data Collection App

About the Client

SeekOps is an environmental data collection company trusted by top operators in both traditional and renewable energy industries for their accurate sensor technology and actionable reporting. They work closely with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective, safe, and efficient emissions monitoring solutions with industry-recognized, unparalleled field services.

Project Objective

The client required an Android Tablet App to control the Drones equipped with sensors and collect the air data from the environment. The key requirement was able to plan the mission via tablet App and send the mission to drone, collect air data and do data analysis in real time for actionable insight

Main Features of the App

App Maisters developed the required Android Application on 11 inches tablet. The client was able use our app to plan the mission via detailed location tracking using Map box sdk and then control the drones to sense environmental data and send out real time information to client cloud severs. App was also able to auto duplicate the layer base on the configuration and generate the waypoints and send DJI Drone.


  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • DJI Mobile SDK
  • SODA (Cloud)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mapbox SDK
  • USB Type C
  • AWS Cloud
  • Webserver: IIS
  • Web Application Server: IIS


  • SeekOps was extremely happy with the solution. What we achieved in a few months they were not able to achieve in a year.
  • They were able to use the app with their clients and were able to deploy drones through a complete aerial solution or on the ground while correctly detecting 100% of leaks, 100% of the time without false positives.
  • At the first sign of an emissions detection, the app identifies the exact locations of the leaks was rapidly localized, and provided comprehensive emissions data to triage repair activities.
  • The application was also able to help analytics engineers provide accurate measurements of emissions rates to prioritize operational repair planning.