Environmental Data Collection App with Drone Sensors


The client, an innovative environmental data collection company, has earned the trust of prominent players in both traditional and renewable energy industries. Recognized for their precise sensor technology and insightful reporting, the client collaborates closely with partners to provide tailored, cost-effective, secure, and efficient emissions monitoring solutions. Their services, backed by exceptional field expertise, set a high standard within the industry.


The objective of the project was to develop an Android tablet application serving as a central component of a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) solution tailored for Envoirmental Data collection firm. The app was designed to facilitate efficient planning of drone missions, real-time transmission of these missions to drones, retrieval of air quality and environmental data, and immediate analysis of collected data, thereby empowering agencies with actionable insights. The project scope encompassed the creation of a user-friendly interface, mission planning, transmission of drone commands, and real-time visualization of data, ultimately contributing to heightened capabilities in environmental monitoring and management.



Our aim encompassed the development of an all-encompassing Geographic Information System (GIS) Solution tailored for an Environmental Data Collection firm. The resultant application facilitated meticulous mission planning through intricate location tracking, effectively utilizing the Mapbox SDK. It provided the capability to exercise drone control, enabling real-time environmental data collection and seamless transmission of this information to the client’s cloud servers. Notably, the application possessed the functionality to automatically replicate layers based on pre-defined configurations, subsequently generating waypoints and deploying the DJI Drone accordingly.


Main Features

Tools And Technologies