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At App Maisters, Blockchain consulting services are comprehensive and based on a holistic viewpoint. We excel at delivering end-to-end Blockchain development projects. Whether you need general Blockchain Consulting, Strategy Assessment, Blockchain Solution Design or Blockchain Asset Management Solutions, we have you covered. Our team of Blockchain experts assesses your technology needs and infrastructure to help best integrate Blockchain into your business process.

Blockchain technology is most often associated with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum yet its applications as a decentralized electronic ledger that records the history of all past transactions are vastly overlooked.

Our Services

Consulting and Assessment

App Maisters stands out among blockchain consulting companies for our consultative approach to the blockchain development process. We start with an initial exploratory phase, where we review your business needs and objectives. We then go step-by-step through the business case construction and then solution development.

Along the way, we provide full transparency into our approach, with the goal of achieving new levels of efficiencies that can transform a business.


Smart Contracts Development and Auditing

As top Hyperledger developers, we know how to create smart contracts that can stand up to the toughest audits.

Public and Private Blockchain Applications

The sky is the limit with the potential uses of blockchain technology, and we can help roll out new apps and services to your internal and external customers.


Cryptocurrency and Wallet Development

You may want to hire an Ethereum developer, or perhaps you want to launch your own brand of cryptocurrency. Either way, we can help. We have the best Ethereum developers and cryptocurrency consultants to help with your application or new coin.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

There is tremendous opportunity in the exchange of one cryptocoin with another. We can develop platforms to help people access their cryptomoney.


Industries We Focus On

The potential of the blockchain is endless, and can apply to any industry, but here are some of our specialties:


Oil & Gas

From securing & simplifying Oil & Gas Trading Transactions to Streamlining Complicated Supply Chains, we’re here to assist you through our knowledge of Blockchain.


Financial Services and Banking

Of course, cryptocurrency is already transforming the way money is used and exchanged.



Healthcare can utilize the blockchain to maintain secure patient records and more.


Energy and Utilities

From advanced payment options to handling metering through the blockchain, we can help.


Process Manufacturing

Manufacturing and supply chain management can benefit greatly from blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Technology Benefits

Blockchain technology has many benefits for modern businesses. This is why so many companies are looking for quality blockchain consulting firms and expert Hyperledger developers. Here are just a few of the benefits of the blockchain:

Decentralized Asset Management

A smart, tokenized “crypto” version of a real-world asset such as gold, land, and oil provides security employing blockchain technology. Data can be more accessible and reliable, with transactions that are verifiable and traceable – providing an ecosystem of trust within your partnership.

Work with App Maisters Blockchain developers to understand how your company can use these blockchain features to enhance the trust verification processes through blockchain technology


Enhanced Business Operations

We can enhance business operations across various industries using strong, intelligent integration and Hyperledger development.

Not only does blockchain technology help ease the challenges of process and technology interconnectivity, but it can also address other important aspects of security and privacy. This includes shared data, consensus management, data exchange standardization, and business process re-alignment.

Your business idea can become a reality with our team of expert blockchain developers and testers to build an end-to-end practical blockchain solution.

First-Movers Platform Growth

Don’t get left behind as blockchain development companies build apps in your business space that can take your customers. Get on the ground floor and create value now for your early adopters to ensure a platform for growth.

We can help by enabling a close alignment between business and technology to significantly reduce blockchain application development time by leveraging tools accessible to our expert blockchain development team today.


Our Work


Docuchain enables health patients to submit their paperwork once and keep track of their payments so that they can be re-imbursed by insurance, issues them a token in return. The patients would not have to re-submit their paperwork again and again if they are having treatment in different hospitals, across different states. The system is currently under testing.

Disrupting Banking Processes through Blockchain

We are changing clearing processes through blockchain. App Maisters uses blockchain to disrupt clearing process in developing countries. Data sharing is a roadblock and results in delay in many countries for processing of cheques, where conventional banking requires a central authority for security measures. App Maisters cut this process, with the proposal to make data availability open. Cheques can then be cleared in a matter of minutes, rather than taking days.

Healthchain Central

This system manages patient entire medical history as a distributed integrated record to be used by hospitals across different states. Any record can be viewed by anyone authorized by the patient by self-triggered smart contracts. Patients also can earn revenue if they wish to share their data to research organizations, patients control their own records.

Looking to Hire a Blockchain Developer? Try App Maisters

If you need expert Blockchain development, look no further than App Maisters. We will be the only Blockchain consultant, Hyperledger developer, or Ethereum developer you will ever need.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with Blockchain technology consulting.


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