Enterprise App Development Company

Enterprise App Development Services

App Maisters provides enterprise app development solutions that enable companies to boost employee productivity, streamline workflows, and provide seamless customer experiences. We build state-of-the-art enterprise mobile apps that can be easily synchronized and integrated within existing systems, databases, and applications.

With vast experience in Enterprise Mobile App Development, App Maisters leverages top-notch strategies that enable companies to become more productive and mobile when it comes to facing business challenges.

Enterprise app development

App Maisters develops and designs bespoke enterprise applications from scratch by implementing specific business-oriented demands and unique functionalities catering to specific enterprise needs. We provide enterprise app development solutions that work across different platforms and devices, while also being securely integrated with all types of corporate systems.

Enterprise app mobilization

We transform both desktop and web enterprise solutions to make sure they match mobility requirements without compromising any existing functionalities. The App Maisters team doesn’t rely on porting existing apps to mobile; our approach is customized, UX-focused constantly seeking to adapt features so that the end result is a well-thought, fully-functional enterprise mobile app.

Mobile app upgrade

App Maisters optimizes and upgrades legacy enterprise applications, constantly striving to fix and improve usability issues and app performance. We help companies make the transition to new platforms as smooth as possible by implementing up-to-date functionalities and creating an improved user experience.

Mobility Solutions for Modern Enterprise

Enabling Mobile Operations

With App Maisters, enterprise processes are easier to deploy. Our solutions empower both our partners and our employees to gain access to enterprise knowledge and workflows on BYOD devices as well Corporate devices.  Our Solutions offerings includes but not limited to the following areas.

  • Customer and sales management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Document management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory and procurement management
  • Financial resource management

Employee productivity

We develop product management and productivity apps for our employees to help them streamline their tasks and workflows by allowing them to access a digitally secure workspace from any location, at any hour of the day, and from any device.  Following are some of the examples of the apps we have built for our clients.

  • Task-based employee applications
  • Data management apps
  • Task management and issue tracking apps
  • Mobile project workplaces
  • Productivity apps
  • Personal dashboards
  • Scheduling apps

Mobile-based collaboration

For our partners, customers, and suppliers, as well as for our internal teams, App Maisters develops mobile workplaces to drive collaboration capabilities, corporate social functionalities, and access to integrated data at enterprise levels.  Following are some of the examples of collaboration apps we have developed.

  • Document collaboration and file-sharing apps
  • Collaboration portals
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Knowledge management
  • Enterprise-wide search

Mobile dashboards

App Maisters develops mobile dashboards for its stakeholders and employees that deliver the most accurate insights pertaining to KPI charts, corporate performance & financial metrics, employee satisfaction levels, and adjusted data analytics that fits every individual need. Following are some of the examples of the apps that we can build for your enterprise.

  • Performance metrics
  • Profitability analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Asset analytics
  • Comparison reports

Technology-enabled ecosystem

Armed with a wide range of technologies App Maisters provides augmented functionality capabilities to deploy B2C, B2B, and B2E processes, whether customer-oriented or corporate-based services.

Wearables & IOT integration

App Maisters develops mobile apps that are in synch with various sensors and wearable devices, thus empowering corporates to trust that employees can be managed remotely. At the same time, we provide enterprises with solutions that enable them to access real-time insights, monitor consumer and enterprise data, and put the right type of content in the right context. With the App Maisters full-stack, IoT-based network architecture, prototyping and designing as well as engineering bespoke integrations has never been easier.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

We leverage the potential of virtual reality and augmented technologies with cameras, sensors, and device processors to build engaging and interactive apps in enterprises across different industries. Whether we’re talking about a 3D image visualization, product demos, real-world scenes powered by recognition-based augmentation, App Maisters provides solutions that include scene rendering, UI/UX design, hardware integration via location-based algorithms, and more.

Image Processing & Analysis

App Maisters develops enterprise apps that leverage cameras from smart devices to identify and analyze real-life objects. Starting from barcodes and scanned paper documents all the way to industrial inspection systems and medical imagery, App Maisters transforms any smart device into state-of-the-art equipment with advanced vision abilities.

Enterprise Mobility Management

App Maisters ensures full control between private and corporate-owned smart devices by delivering a set of enterprise mobility solutions dedicated to preventing unauthorized access to corporate data and enterprise applications via encrypted data transfers between systems and devices and securing end points.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

  • Automated compliance
  • Device lifecycle management & encryption
  • Network access control

Application Management

  • Role-based user access
  • Automated configuration
  • Enterprise apps catalogs
  • Application tracking & monitoring

Content Management

  • Corporate data encryption & segregation
  • Data backup
  • Secure data sharing
  • Access & identity management

Industries We Serve


  • Social Media Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain Apps
  • Many Others


  • EHR/EMR Applications
  • Telemedicine
  • Physician Directories
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medication management
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Medical issue visualization

Oil and Gas

  • Field Inspection Apps
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Asset Management
  • Water Hauling
  • Fleet & Fuel Management

Transportation and Logistics

  • Smart Warehousing
  • Fleet management
  • Dealership management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Uber/Taxi solutions
  • RideSharing Solutions


  • Corporate Training
  • Student Online Testing Apps
  • Student Social/Mentoring Apps
  • Course Management & Authoring
  • Survey engines
  • Online Learning Apps

Legal & Government

  • Legal CRM Solution
  • Branding Apps
  • Productivity Apps
  • Esignature
  • Legal Calculators
  • Security & Compliance Apps

Financial Services and Banking

  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Dashboard
  • Financial Calculators
  • Image Processing & Analysis
  • Mobile Payments
  • Wallets

Process Industry

  • Mobile customer support
  • Sales & Operational  Dashboard
  • Productivity Apps
  • Field Inspection
  • Compliance
  • Order management

Consumer Electronic and Devices

  • Mobile payments
  • Wearables & IOT
  • Market data dashboards
  • Embedded OS Development
  • Hardware Engineering