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Are you looking for the World Class App Development company for your Startup or Enterprise? With over 400 app development projects under our belt, our team is armed with experience and expertise to understand every company’s business needs. We waste no time in finding the optimal technical solutions for your app development that will increase your productivity and efficiency. In addition, App Maisters’ clients benefit from highly capable partner echo system that understand app development process , and help them in achieving a broad, holistic understanding of their current and future possible needs. Our app developers and designers have extensive knowledge in what methodology, platforms and tools to use for creating a robust, secure and scalable solution that meets your need. The application development we provide supports any virtual platform, operating systems and devices.

Services We Offer


We design and develop all types of custom mobile development solutions which includes working with  complex mobile apps for both IOS and Android platform using native mobile SDKs and utilities that tightly integrates with back end web services whether it’s cloud or on a server located in your hosting company or data center.

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps

  • GEO-Location Apps

  • Social Networking App

  • VoIP Apps

  • AR/VR Apps

  • Smart Watches

  • Wearables

  • Chatting Apps

  • Payment Integrations like Stripe, Paypal

  • Digital Image Processing & Camera Software


We can help you develop Cost effective, Scalable, Secure and Reliable Cloud based solutions with any complexity and configure them according to your business needs. Our Cloud Consultants, Architects and Engineers have several years of experience working in the industry and have delivered over 100+ Apps for several industries. We also work with all major Cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, Google and Rackspace.

  • Cloud Consulting

  • Cloud Deployments

  • IoT Cloud-based Solutions

  • Cloud Integration

  • Cloud Optimization

  • Migration to the Cloud

  • DevOps and Cloud Management

  • Cloud Application Development


At App Maisters, we help businesses create web based apps whether you are looking for a Standalone app or a SaaS based app or are looking for an intranet app, we have decade of experience developing apps in all major technologies like .net, php, python, java and many others and are ready to deal with any operational and technological challenges to deliver them.

  • Enterprise Web Systems

  • VoIP Solutions

  • Web Portals

  • Payment Solutions

  • IoT Solutions

  • AI/ML Web Apps

  • Intelligent Bot Apps

  • Social Networks

  • ETL Solutions

  • Digital Asset Management Systems



Our desktop development expertise spans a wide range of services including Windows Desktop application, Services, utilities , plugins, SDKs and Database related application whether it’s SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL or any NOSQL,  we have the expertise to develop these solutions based on your requirements and business needs.

  • System-Level Desktop Apps

  • Multimedia Apps

  • Libraries and SDKs

  • Database Apps

  • Native and Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014

Oil & Gas

Environmental Data Collection App

App Maisters and Gas Emission Firm innovate emissions monitoring with an intuitive Android Tablet App, providing real-time environmental data for informed decision-making.


Plant Safety & Livestock Wellness App for USDA

App Maisters and USDA developed a mobile app to educate on harmful plants, enhancing agricultural safety. Available on iOS and Android, it features offline access and easy updates


Shareone Banking App

App Maisters partners with Share One for a banking app development, focusing on customization to meet client needs. The app features include bill payments, money transfers, and more, enhancing user financial management on the go.


Schizophrenia Patients Treatment App (SPT APP)

The EPI-MINN project developed the SPT (Schizophrenia Patient Treatment) App, enhancing the quality of life for young individuals with schizophrenia and their families.

Travel & Tour

Hawaii Revealed

Discover Hawaii with the Hawaii Revealed app by AppMaisters, offering audio tours, real-time updates, and offline functionality for an enriched and sustainable travel experience.
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Featured Enterprise Industries

Our enterprise digital solutions are spread across a wide array of industries.

Some of the featured verticals we cater include:

Healthcare Service - App Maisters


Revolutionizing healthcare with secure, digital transformation solutions for practitioners.

Oil And Gas - App Maisters

Oil & Gas

Leveraging a decade's experience, we innovate in oil & gas with technology, safety, efficiency, and strategic crisis management solutions.

Finance And Banking With App Maisters

Finance & Banking

App Maisters revolutionizes banking with secure, compliant, cost-effective digital solutions enhancing customer satisfaction and competitive agility.

Manufacturing - App Maisters


With a decade of experience, we drive digital transformation in manufacturing, enhancing efficiency, safety, and strategic crisis management.

Transportation & Logistic - App Maisters

Transportation & Logistic

With a decade of experience, we propel digital transformation in transport and logistics, optimizing efficiency, safety, and strategic crisis management.

Education - App Maisters


Leveraging a decade of expertise, we catalyze digital transformation in education, fostering enhanced efficiency, safety, and strategic operational management.

Development Methodology

Our app developers and architects have several years of experience developing apps for multiple platforms by taking them through the following development process.


We pride ourselves in creating stunning user interfaces that are focused not only on aesthetics, but on the experience the user has when using the android app. This includes aspects such as: accessibility, user-friendliness and intuitiveness.


We develop the app architecture by carefully engineering the server and database calls for the lowest possible overheads in terms of CPU usage to make sure the app is optimized for speed and responsivenes.

App Development

For App Development, we select the best possible technology for the project include using caching and optimized table structures that will provide the fastest results and the best scaling options. Also, depending on the situation, we use SQLite to store information on the device.

Cloud development

We provide several options for Cloud-based Development including Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure depending on client requirements, cost and scalability required for the app.

Deployment & hosting

We work with Amazon, Google Cloud, Rackspace and have extensive experience in deployment and managing production environments. Our 24×7 NOC team ensures that your cloud services are tuned for performance and ready for load-balancing, replication and scaling. Should your app require a backend component, rest assured our expert developers can handle the task at hand.

Quality assurance

We take Quality Assurance in app projects very seriously. We pride ourselves in delivering bug-free build to our clients. It is important for us to ensure that when your app is published on the store, it is as optimized and easily approved.

Why Choose Us

Choose us for a seamless blend of expertise and personalized service, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.
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Leverage the wealth of knowledge our team of experts offer with over 10 years of experience delivering excellence in complex digital solutions.

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Expert focus

Specialization enables us to cultivate a culture deeply passionate about remaining at the cutting edge of our industry.

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Reduce cost

Using advanced development skills and vast code base, we build cost-effective, robust, scalable, secure premium digital solutions.

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Reduce risk

With a speedy and efficient delivery, we reduce risk and provide fast time-to-value to step-out to the rapidly evolving market.

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We are agile

By employing the latest methodologies and knowledge in technologies, we avoid issues and are adaptable to client needs.

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One partner for all

Avoid costly resource on-boarding & multi-vendor inefficiencies. Our team is engage to provide end-to end solutions to your business needs.