Time Tracking and Scheduling Platform

Revolutionizing Workforce Management with Our Time Tracking &

Scheduling Platform

We’re excited to introduce our newest advancement: an advanced Time Tracking and Scheduling Platform crafted to redefine how you manage your workforce. Inspired by our successful Time Tracking and Scheduling platform, we’ve poured our passion and knowledge into developing a solution that reshapes time tracking and schedule management for your business.

A Proven Track Record - App Maisters

A Proven Track Record

App Maisters is a dynamic software solutions company with more than two decades of hands-on experience in IT, software development, and product integration. Based in Houston, Texas, with a global presence across various continents, our team comprises highly skilled professionals who are deeply committed to the fields of IT and software development.

Leverage The Capabilities of Time Tracking and

Scheduling Platform

Expanding upon the achievements of our time tracking and scheduling platform, we have entered the Software as a Service (SaaS) arena to deliver a state-of-the-art platform equipped with a range of features specifically designed to address the fundamental requirements of contemporary businesses.

Here’s a closer look at the key components:

Time Tracking - App maisters

Time Tracking

Effortlessly capture and monitor the time your employees spend on tasks, projects, and activities. This platform provides a simple and intuitive interface for tracking work hours, ensuring accurate and efficient time management.

Scheduling - APP Maisters


Create, manage, and optimize employee schedules with ease. This platform’s scheduling tools empower you to assign shifts, track availability, and maintain a well-organized workforce calendar.

Shift Management - App Maisters

Shift Management

Efficiently handle shift changes, swaps, and substitutions, all within the platform. Say goodbye to manual scheduling challenges and embrace a more streamlined approach.

Leave Management - App Maisters

Leave Management

Easily oversee employee leave requests and track available time off. This platform keeps both employees and managers informed about leave balances and ensures seamless leave request approval workflows.

Attendance Tracking - App Maisters

Attendance Tracking

Stay up-to-date on employee attendance and punctuality. This attendance tracking tools help managers plan and monitor employee attendance patterns, ensuring operational efficiency.

Real-Time Reporting - App Maisters

Real-Time Reporting

Access real-time insights and analytics related to time tracking and scheduling. This reporting features empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your workforce management strategies.

Performance - App Maisters


Conduct performance reviews based on customizable templates for quarterly, half-yearly, or annual assessments. Gain valuable feedback and peer reviews, while setting up rules for performance pay.


Streamline your recruitment process by seamlessly receiving applicant resumes directly into this platform. Schedule interviews, manage applicant communication, rate candidates, and leave interview notes within the platform.

Travel & Outdoor - App Maisters

Travel & Outdoor

Implement your travel policy effortlessly with our travel module. Record and get approvals for travels, track travel expenses, and automatically maintain a travel calendar.

Experience the Future of Workforce Management

At App Maisters, we’re excited to introduce this Time Tracking and Scheduling Platform that makes managing your workforce a breeze. This tool is more than just software; it’s a game-changer for your business.

Imagine a workplace where you can easily keep track of hours worked, create schedules without any hassle, and manage employee leaves and attendance seamlessly. Our platform simplifies these tasks and also helps boost transparency and productivity, making your workforce more efficient.

No more struggling with complicated processes or guesswork. With our platform, you can make smart decisions based on real-time data and insights, taking your business to new heights.

It’s time to say goodbye to old, time-consuming methods and say hello to a brighter and more efficient way of managing your workforce. Join us at App Maisters as we revolutionize how businesses track time, create schedules, and achieve maximum efficiency. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a more productive future.