Manufacturing Business

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing can generally be divided into discrete and process manufacturing.

App Maisters have specific experience and expertise across both types of manufacturing.  However, there are certain things that in general applies to both for e.g. the need to drive productivity, reducing cost of operations and the desire to scale and transform your business to generate more opportunities.

In order to ensure that our manufacturing clients remain competitive, AppMaisters provides multiple services. Whether you make stocked or customized products for local or international markets in the healthcare or auto sector, we can develop solutions that will make your organization more productive, provide better experience to your customers, reduce the cost of enterprise solutions, make applications interact with each other etc.

Here are the set of services we offer to discrete manufacturing clients:


We help our clients develop digitization roadmaps and then executing them. Digitization requires to optimize production workflows, inventory, Work in Progress, and value chain decisions. By integrating IT systems, geographically dispersed teams across the platform can access relevant data, allowing quicker, more collaborative and transparent communication. As cloud computing is becoming more industry ready, many clients need help in implementing cloud based solutions with more confidence.


Enterprise Mobility

Today’s enterprises use many applications where part of their functionality needs to be provided on mobile devices. This can either be to the constantly traveling management teams or geographically dispersed sales teams. Enterprise mobility also involves securing the information. Using latest mobile technology, enterprises can achieve significant cost reduction.

Business Intelligence

A modern enterprise requires information from multiple sources collated and turned into information. AppMaisters has developed BI strategy for manufacturing clients where data from multiple sources was used to develop KPI at the organization and department levels. In order for BI strategy to deliver value, organization must come up with some common matrices that are directly tied to the organizational objectives.


Enterprise Application Integration

AppMaisters can help integrated multiple enterprise systems. Many organizations would like their eCommerce site to be linked to their ERP, PLM/PDM to be integrated with ERP, CRM to be integrated with eCommerce & ERP etc. Systemic integrations help reduce processing time, reduce transactional errors resulting from manual entry & help perform business level workflows that need processing in multiple systems.

Optimizing Plant Business Processes

App Maisters team over the period of time have developed unique approaches to these common challenges and developed creative ways to address them through technology driven solutions in the following areas.

  • Chemical
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Refinery
  • Transportation

App Maisters team has several years of experience working in the manufacturing plants and understand the operations and the needs of  digital applications within your facilities that’s enabling  companies to develop cost savings solutions and at the same time increasing productivity with Mobility, AI, IOT  and Blockchain. These solutions allow  clients to replace manual paper systems with enterprise systems that yield significant cost savings with efficient, accurate, quality, and automated compliance.  App Maisters offers the most advanced process and technology knowledge to accomplish this goal and streamline compliance.

Solution Support

Mobile solution support allows App Maister’s clients the ability to implement a solution package on the client’s hardware if required.   This solution package can be hosted either at a client’s site or corporate server and maintained through a centralized database.  The mobile solution support also offers compliance tool training for both the hardware and software.  Maintenance contracts are available to update tools as necessary and a rapid response service is offered for the equipment.

Compliance Tools Support

  • Tools Designed for Field Reporting, Audit & Compliance Tracking and Report
  • Customizable for Any Type of Compliance Requirements
  • Allows Real-Time Management of Field Operations
  • Improves Data Integrity
  • Standardizes Field Data Collection Methods
  • Integrates Multi-Media into Filed Operations for Improved Reporting

Customized to Meet Client Requirements

  • Single Form Creation
  • Multi-Form Creation
  • Field Logging & Report Creation
  • GIS Integration
  • Compliance Requirements Integrations

The Results Your Company Deserves

When your company needs a team of specialists with an extensive background in Manufacturing, Environmental compliance and permitting, the highly skilled team at App Maisters provides innovative and creative solutions, and has a reputation of providing excellent service with high quality deliverables, cost saving solutions, and on-time and within budget projects while maintaining an exemplary safety record.  Stop guessing your way and work with a company that understands this process better than anyone in the industry.

Client Stories

Plastic Moulding Manufacturer

Given the problem, App Maisters identified 3 KPIs and additional visualization for the KPIs to showcase the functioning of the Business Intelligence tool.

The KPIs were Revenue, Margin & Scrap. Each one of them had other attributes like customer, plant, department etc.

App Maisters created 2-3 samples for key matrices and worked collaboratively with the client to understand their preference regarding graph placement, font, colors etc. Being a global organization, it was very important that the graph conveyed the right information across different cultures and languages.

Please Click Here to view Plastic Moulding Manufacturer case study.