UT Physicians Covid19 Vaccination Management Platform


Our client, affiliated with a prominent healthcare institution and supported by a large team of certified healthcare professionals spanning 80 different medical specialties, serves as a notable example in government-backed healthcare initiatives. Their wide array of services, which includes specialized urgent care and comprehensive primary healthcare, represents a harmonious blend of medical expertise and government dedication. By providing advanced medical treatments alongside a focus on preventive well-being, this healthcare organization embodies a robust healthcare model in alignment with the government’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive and accessible healthcare for all citizens.


Our Client’s strategic objective encompassed the swift creation of a cutting-edge, fortified, and economically optimized vaccination management system tailored to the unique needs of COVID-19 patients. This initiative was spurred by the absence of a pre-existing solution attuned to the demands of the current landscape, reflecting our unwavering commitment to addressing the evolving challenges with utmost precision and innovation.


App Maisters Inc.’s innovative solution in the realm of COVID-19 vaccination management introduced a streamlined outreach process tailored specifically for Covid-19 patients. This sophisticated platform encompassed patient scheduling and an advanced appointment system meticulously engineered to expedite the entire spectrum of operations, encompassing patient registration, seamless vaccine administration, and comprehensive post-vaccination tracking.

Main Features

Tools And Technologies