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Our Digital Transformation consultants can help your company with every aspect of the digital revolution, from IT strategy to software development, and from digital integration to organizational design and planning. Our strategies and solutions are secure, scalable, and impactful.

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Digital Transformation Strategy - App Maisters

Digital Transformation Strategy

One of the main keys to succeeding in the digital revolution is to have a smart digital transformation strategy. This is a comprehensive strategy that synergizes both short term goals with long-term objectives to not only get the ball rolling but focus on moving in the right direction.

We can help you review your existing technologies, identify areas for improvement, pinpoint opportunities you may be missing, and help craft a plan to move your company to the next level. We can look at your business model, resources, and technology systems to make sure that you have what you need to be successful.

Digital Integration

Our top technology consultants can review your legacy systems, as well as paper-based ones, to determine appropriate paths forward to move to digital. We will look at all aspects of your current operations, including supply chain management and customer support systems, to best determine the right path forward.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any set of systems that embeds technology into everyday objects such as inventory for tracking purposes or cars and trucks for following fuel mileage. IoT can even apply to food technologies such as coffee machines to monitor usage. IoT integration is a great way to reduce costs and streamline operations.

Digital integration with App Maisters
App Maisters IT department Transformation

IT Department Transformation

Your IT department may be suffering from outdated hardware and legacy software that is creating unnecessary bottlenecks. System architectures may need updating and modernization may be required to fully compete. Our hands-on digital transformation consultants can help determine what IT weaknesses may exist and how to best move forward.

Improved Customer Service

Your customers are the lifeline of your business. Through the proper utilization of technology, your company can be more responsive to your customers and clients. From integrating CRM technologies such as Salesforce to improving your lead generation, digital transformation can improve your relationship with your customers. Our digital transformation consulting and development can help enhance your brand while reducing the cost per lead.

App Maisters Customer Service
App Maisters Digital prototyping

Digital Prototyping

Need a prototype? Digital prototyping and design can accelerate your engineering processes. What truly makes it different is how analytics can now be quickly leveraged to improve products and services with data-based decision making. Our digital consultants can help with our expertise in business intelligence and analytics, human-centered design, and software development capabilities.

Client Stories

See the list below for the completed and delivered projects for our clients in different industries.


Plastic Moulding Manufacturer

App Maisters developed an application for a global plastic moulding manufacturer, enabling organization-wide access to essential business tools and KPI visualizations for touchscreen use, enhancing their BI capabilities.


Global Medical Device Manufacturer

App Maisters was tasked by a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, operating in over 80 countries, to enhance their data visualization with PowerBI, supporting their PMO's oversight of 15-20 concurrent, multi-departmental projects lasting 8-24 months.


Nursing Care Bi Solution

App Maisters provided strategic consulting to a healthcare firm, optimizing decision-making support for their Skilled Nursing Product by standardizing reporting and improving data governance for service providers and citizens.


Shareone Banking App

App Maisters partners with Share One for a banking app development, focusing on customization to meet client needs. The app features include bill payments, money transfers, and more, enhancing user financial management on the go.


Legal CRM

App Maisters partnered with a Houston law firm to create an integrated Legal CRM Solution for managing attorneys, clients, documents, court data, and marketing efforts in Texas.


AWS Migration Manufacturing Industry

App Maisters delivered a robust AWS-based solution, leveraging the Well-Architected Framework for optimized infrastructure resilience and security. Our holistic approach encompassed end-to-end management, strategic security recommendations, cost optimization, automation, and 24x7 support, ensuring operational excellence for the client.


Transforming Cemetery Services with Business Intelligence

App Maisters developed a scalable BI solution tailored for the funeral and cemetery industry, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and featuring a user-friendly interface for enhanced decision-making.
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