Water Treatment System Sales Calculator


Our client is globally recognized as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of water treatment systems. With a robust international network, they have established themselves as leaders in the industry, offering groundbreaking innovations and solutions.


The primary objective of the project was to create a comprehensive Calculator App that would empower our client’s sales department to efficiently perform the necessary calculations for their clients and operations. The app was expected to offer enhanced functionality beyond what the existing app provided, enabling the sales team to streamline their workflow, improve accuracy, and ultimately enhance client satisfaction.


The sales department of our client had been relying on a third-party calculator app to perform essential calculations. However, this app did not meet the specific functionality requirements of the sales team, which hindered their ability to effectively handle clients and operations. Therefore, the challenge was to develop a custom Calculator App for both mobile and web platforms that would cater to the unique needs of our client’s sales department.


App Maisters had proposed a solution to develop a comprehensive app for clients on Android, iOS, and web platforms, accompanied by an admin panel. The app included features such as a splash screen, login, forgotten password, sign-up, dashboard with a calculator, and settings. The admin panel had provided user management, activity reports, taxation updates, and user invitation capabilities. This solution had aimed to deliver seamless user experience and efficient administrative functionality for the client.


The implementation of the project for the client began with a collaborative approach and a thorough understanding of their business objectives. App Maisters worked closely with the client to meticulously plan and outline the structure, design, and functionality of the custom Calculator App. Throughout the project implementation, an Agile development approach was adopted. This approach involved multiple stages, including requirements gathering, design, concurrent development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. This iterative and collaborative process ensured that the final app had fulfilled the specific needs of the client and had delivered a high-quality solution.

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