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Big Data Analytics Solutions

How Big Data Analytics & Consulting can Transform Your Business

Industries in general and companies in specific are faced with the problem of deciphering and making sense of the petabytes of data generated, however, without a robust big data analytics program in place that is being overseen by experienced data scientists or an analytics tool, this task becomes almost impossible. Even with all of these essentials checked off a successful result is still not guaranteed. It comes to positioning an entity’s entire culture in a certain way to ensure successful outcomes with analytics.

Advanced analytics tools are a staple in numerous industries nowadays as technology is disrupting more and more aspects of how an organization operates. Thus making it inevitable for businesses to change their corporate culture, base decisions on solid analytical data and embrace automation to stay ahead of the curve.

Big Data Analytics & Consulting Services

App Maisters’ Big Data Analytics Consulting leverages the data generated through your organization into actionable insights that help transform your business. Our approach is to use a combination of industry best practices and analytics methods to turn descriptive data into insights. Thus empowering you to make sense of data whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured across a variety of channels.

App Maisters employs the expertise in analytics and boost your business operations and help you leverage insights generated through analytical utilities to empower you in identifying and solving business problems and reach your objectives more efficiently. We take pride in making the right solutions work for a diverse portfolio of industries. We also help organizations conduct technology assessments and make recommendations.


Big data analytics won’t mean anything if it is not analyzed properly. In order to do that, you need the right systems in place. This includes not just people processes but technical processes. With our expertise in Business Intelligence, Enterprise data warehouse and data mart, Master Data Management,  Interactive Dashboard ,  AI and advanced machine learning, we can help create advanced analytics systems that can manage all of the high-volume data that needs to be processed and analyzed.

With the right big data analytics, your managers and executives can make better decisions and plans, thus enabling your business to profit more and remain competitive.

Data Lake Implementation

A data lake is a storage repository designed to “store everything.” The benefits of having a data lake include simplification of data acquisition of all types. It can also provide a basic foundation for your data analytics efforts and help fuel your data warehouse.

The right type of data lake can scale easily and handle large amounts of diverse data in various file formats.

It can also be used as a sandbox for developing new analytical tools and Business Intelligence initiatives.

Expert Data Warehouse Design and Setup

Your data warehouse is the virtual place where your critical business data will be stored and processed. If you think you can get by on your old data warehouse for big data, think again. Traditional data warehouses are not capable of handling the exceptionally high volume and frequency of today’s big data analytics.

App Maisters can help set up the right data warehouse system for your business. If you have a legacy system that needs to be updated and/or replace, we can help with that too.

We understand how to set up a modern, versatile, and robust data warehouse system that can grow with the needs of your company.

Big Data Application Deployment and Expert Technical Support

Whether you need on-site application deployment or a worldwide cloud implementation for your big data systems, App Maisters can handle it. We are dedicated to providing you with the best in big data analytics consulting and technical expertise available.

Our Analytics & Big Data Technology Expertise

App Maisters is dedicated to ensuring that our clients acquire new opportunities by improving customer service, operational efficiency, and strategic planning through the best use of big data.

As an enterprise Business Intelligence solution providers, we work to satisfy the reporting and analysis needs of our clients.

Whether you need a big data developer, MongoDB developer, Tableau developer, Power BI Developer, Apache Cassandra developer, CouchDB developer, HBase developer, or Redis developer, App Maisters can help. Our highly versatile team of technology experts even includes Riak developers.

Our technical expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following tools and platforms:

End-to-end data management platform QlikView is powered by a pioneering analytics engine, a scalable multi-cloud architecture, and complex AI technologies that empower businesses and teams to improve decision-making processes within the organizations. Featuring a multi-cloud architecture, QlikView is a data discovery product targeted at developing customized, intuitive dashboards and guided analytics. Users can build and launch apps without any development skills, thus driving faster results to constant business needs.

Featuring a web-based interface, IBM’s Cognos Analytics is a self-service analytics platform that provides various management, security, and data governance features. Users of Cognos can create reports and visualizations to streamline workflow in their organizations via quarterly updates, cloud, and on-premise deployment.

Featuring a predictive dashboard and drag-and-drop interface, BI solution SAP BusinessObjects offers various reporting functionalities, online analytical processing (OLAP), ETL, and more. It can be used both on-premise and in the cloud in terms of deployment, thus catering to a multitude of industry sectors. Users can easily integrate tools like Microsoft Office or Salesforce to streamline functions and craft reports based on different business parameters.

Self-service BI platform Logi Analytics connects to nearly all data sources used by organizations on to a single dashboard that includes multiple panels. It enables complete control over different functionalities such as cumulative sales, orders, and revenue, as well as easy matching of analytical data to any application. With the help of conditional formatting, users can design and modify charts by allocating reference lines and colors to analyze multiple charts from one core visualization.

Sisense is an agile type of BI solution that features advanced tools for supporting and managing data with visuals, reporting, and analytics. Businesses can use Sisense to assess disparate, large datasets, and thus generate information that works best for them. In terms of functionalities, the solution includes data warehousing, scorecards, and various dashboards to enable easy projections of charts, KPIs, maps, trends, and more. Powered by Crowd Accelerated BI technology, the capabilities include sharing results both internally and externally.

With Pentaho’s analytics and data integration platform, data can be analyzed from multiple sources, thus helping organizations improve communication, automation, and integration of data flow between customers and data managers. Featuring frictionless access to information, Pentaho provides edge-to-multi-cloud environments that enable organizations to attain and fulfill essential data management processes. It also empowers data integration acceleration of different projects, reducing management costs, deployment time, and complexity.

Designed for data analysis and exploration, cloud-based BI platform Looker helps with data capturing from multiple sources. For businesses, the solution can be used to market for digital, analyze supply chains, interpret behavior, quantify customer value, and evaluate the distribution.  Featuring multi-layered dashboards and ustomizable graphs, reports, and charts, Looker is great at defining data metrics and exploring different datasets.

Cloud-based business management platform, Domo, integrates with different data sources such as social media, various databases, spreadsheets, and on-premise or cloud-based software solutions. Via its real-time dashboard, Domo provides highly-interactive visualization tools via its centralized dashboard from where all users can obtain instant access to data that matters the most: from micro to macro-level analysis and visibility, all the way to cash balances, forecaster revenue, and channel-oriented ROI.

Tableau has a very robust set of data visualization features. However if you don’t use the right set of data visualization tools, then all you will get is a confusing set of charts and numbers, thereby, cranking up your development. Drawing from our decade long data analytics experience, we help organizations in visualizing their data in the most intuitive format. Our custom designed dashboards and data representation implementations will help you make easy and fast data backed decisions. This is what makes App Maisters’services the most wanted!

Using the established data models, our Power BI experts will develop the reports into interpretive visualizations. We’ll deliver the dashboards to the Business Units that influence success via Power BI’s Report Engine. The dashboards have seamless integration with the data sources, providing real-time monitoring of performance across the entire organization.

Cloud-based intelligence suite Oracle is made up of a complex suite of applications and technologies aimed at providing a fully integrated, end-to-end business intelligence foundation. It includes mobile analytics, alerting, reporting, data management, and integration, as well as a wide variety of performance management and operational applications.

MicroStrategy is a mobility and analytics platform that empowers organizations to deliver reliable data insights by enabling deployment on-premise, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model combining both. Applications on AWS can be launched in a matter of minutes, as well as easily managed from a single admin console. Featuring customized reports and zero-click insights into every application, MicroStrategy can be used on a as-needed basis, thus allowing businesses to scale to enterprise deployment.

We won’t just sell you on a one-size-fits-all solution we market to everyone in the same way. Instead, we develop custom solutions based on your future needs and current technology setup. In this way, you can be assured that the big data solution you get is one designed for your unique business needs.

App Maisters: Big Data and Analytics

App Maisters have decades of experience to help with your Data Analytics need.  With our top-notch, world class consultants, we understand analytics and how it can make or break a business. Our consultant and developers have advise and helped companies in several verticals including but not limited to Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and others.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with our expertise in the area. 

Client Stories


In order to boil down the problem, App Maisters created a good Business Requirements Document (BRD) working in close collaboration with client’s Single Point of Contact (SPOC). The document listed the stakeholders, system personas and their key needs as well as elaborated the key business drivers.

Once the BRD was signed off, App Maisters worked on identifying possible ways to extract and reconcile the data from various source systems.

Special attention was given to understand the current system of resource allocation.

Once the data was analysed, it was concluded that there are multiple projects that need resources almost at the same time.

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Given the problem, App Maisters identified 3 KPIs and additional visualization for the KPIs to showcase the functioning of the Business Intelligence tool.

The KPIs were Revenue, Margin & Scrap. Each one of them had other attributes like customer, plant, department etc.

App Maisters created 2-3 samples for key matrices and worked collaboratively with the client to understand their preference regarding graph placement, font, colors etc. Being a global organization, it was very important that the graph conveyed the right information across different cultures and languages.

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