Delivery and Pick Up

Revolutionize Your Business With On-Demand Pick-up & Delivery

Regardless of the size of your business, streamlining business operations when you have a delivery business can now be done a lot easier when you’re working with the right tech partners. App Maisters prides itself with top-of-the-line digital and software solutions. Our end goal is to enable our customers to attain innovation via a wide variety of services including intelligent mobile apps and enterprise integration apps.

Develop On-Demand Delivery & Pick-Up Apps for your business

It’s time to take your delivery business to the next level and leverage advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency and provide outstanding customer experiences. The experts at App Maisters will enable a cost-efficient, ultra-fast delivery life-cycle to make sure your business can stand up successfully among industry competitors in an ever-evolving, highly competitive market.

Our perks:

  • Automated delivery dispatch
  • White-label customer app
  • Uber-like delivery monitoring & tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • En-route optimization
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Delivery dashboard & agent app

Hassle-free operations with power-packed tools & features

On-demand delivery can be seamless and efficient provided that you work with the right partners to get your business up and running in no time. This how we the team at App Maisters can help bridge the technology gap:

Convenient pricing models for your customers: based on the delivery needs of your customers, we work towards architecting the best software solution to match your timeframe and budget.

Live updates & alerts: improve the efficiency of your entire delivery cycle with real-time alerts & notifications.

A multitude of payment gateways to boost your ROI: by having trusted payment gateways implemented on your on-demand delivery & pick-up platform, you’ll benefit from better user experience when making online payments

Review & rating criteria: your reputation matters and as a consequence, it is important to enable a review and rating system on your platform. This way, customers can assess their experience and as you build an online reputation, your productivity will skyrocket

Built-in chatting & messaging: streamline communication between delivery agents and customers with a built-in chat feature to ensure customer satisfaction and tackle challenges pertaining to delivery satisfaction

On-Demand Delivery & Pick-Up Connecting All Stakeholders

With decades of experience in building state-of-the-art platforms and apps in multiple fields and industries, App Maisters has all it takes to kickstart your journey towards digital transformation. To connect all stakeholders and have a chance at competing with the best and most powerful in the delivery & pick-up niche, our experienced team of engineers will develop a flawless on-demand platform and app that matches your exact demands and expectations.

We commit to  strategizing a business plan that fits within your budget for white-label agent & custom applications:

Benefits for customers

Real-time status updates & tracking via SMS

Real-time visibility on delivery & pick-up status

Real-time updates in case of an incident

Benefits for delivery agents

Crystal-clear instructions on recording data

Minimal error probability for delivery & pick-up

Complete traceability of transit assets and goods

Benefits for dispatch teams

Live chat feature & instant 2-way communication

Flexible rescheduling of unexpected delivery and pick-ups

Little to no errors on back-office administration

Benefits for delivery & pick-up admins

KPI monitoring & SLA adherence

24/7 availability for performance reports

Cost-saving features via a controlled asset management system