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Plant Your Seed to Grow

Do you have mind-blowing idea for an app, but unfortunately don’t know where to start pitching for funds? You’re in luck! – because you’ve landed at the perfect place to start.

Numerous applications fail to become successful today because despite of their genius, they lack presenting themselves as profitable business endeavors in the eye of their investors.

  • Did you know, 60% of all app investments are based on a careful analysis of the whole deal?

  • Three in every ten app stockholders admit to being low-risk investors

  • 70% of app investors search for a particular ROI figure, with a set number of downloads 

Besides, who would want to invest in an idea showing no promise? This is exactly where we come to your rescue. App Maisters is passionately driven towards creating amazing apps for startups and innovative brands worldwide. Not just that, we’ve also geared up to offer you our special App Funding Facilitation service—an even better option for startups and small enterprises.

The App Funding Facilitation is an opportunity providing you with the analytical resources for your business idea. These resources include in-depth research work, along with a complete business plan of your initiative. Using our AFF, once your ROI strategy and other analytics are figured, consider yourself armed with all the prerequisites for a successful app funding.

Browse through our App Funding Facilitation options and see for yourself how we convert simple concepts into rewarding investment proposals.

This feature allows your investors to witness a perfect future return on investment strategy. The ROI booster uses data based on authentic research and stats. This option,

  • Analyzes your existing app monetization plans
  • Suggests ways to increase downloads and engage users on your app
  • Recommends techniques for advanced ROI optimization

Comprises of a complete app analysis along with studies of your market competitors. Audience analysis of your app’s target audience(s) with their respective behavior patterns will be included along with, but not limited to:

  • Quarterly growth and ROI projections
  • Target audience questionnaire survey
  • Application prototype
  • 12-month marketing plan

The success plan is a complete package for your app’s business facilitation and investment funding. It’s an all-in-one solution that includes our investor package, along with

  • Monetization strategy
  • ROI enhancement campaign
  • Financial analysis

If you have no idea what package to begin with, that’s not a problem for us. We wake up and sleep with mobile apps. If you partner with us, our consultation on-demand option provides you with a better understanding of the solutions and features we offer.

  • Consultation session
  • Intelligent business recommendations
  • Expert advice with possibilities to select customized plans

Start Your Planning Here

With years’ worth of experience, App Maisters has an award-winning track record of facilitating custom apps for startups, average to medium, and large companies. Our team works tirelessly day and night to handle each and every aspect of all ventures. From the drawing of investment proposals to the design and development phase of an app, we have flexible plans that fit every client’s needs. We also have several turn-key platform features helping our partners all the way towards app testing, polishing, launching and even marketing. So, if you already have a unique idea for an app, what are you waiting for? Your app can literally breathe inside your customer’s pocket or handbag, and App Maisters would love to turn this dream of yours into a reality.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Eulogizee App

App Maisters partners with a compassionate platform for an innovative SaaS solution—Eulogizee App. Connecting users, donors, and funeral homes seamlessly, it ensures meaningful farewells without financial constraints.

Oil & Gas

Enviormental data collection app

App Maisters and Gas Emission Firm innovate emissions monitoring with an intuitive Android Tablet App, providing real-time environmental data for informed decision-making.

Travel & Tour

Hawaii Revealed Diriving tour app

Discover Hawaii with the Hawaii Revealed app by AppMaisters, offering audio tours, real-time updates, and offline functionality for an enriched and sustainable travel experience.
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