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When you need robust and powerful website development, App Maisters is here to help. App Maisters is a top web development company in Houston with an expert team of seasoned website developers and designers. Why hire us? Because our breadth and depth of expertise exceed the average web design company. Our goal is to help you translate the core essence of your brand to the web in an engaging and effective way. We do this through the effective use of technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and Microsoft’s .NET framework. We don’t just provide one-size-fits-all solutions. As a web development company, we are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest in web development trends and technologies. We then take that knowledge and apply it to your unique website development project. The result is not only a site that works, but that increases traffic to grow your business.

App Maisters Design & Usability

Design & Usability

Usability” refers to how easy and intuitive a website interface is for the average user. We are experts in website development to create attractive designs that are pleasing to the eye and simple to navigate. We know how to flawlessly incorporate back-end technology with eye-catching front ends to build sites that offer the best in user experience. You will love our designs, but better yet, your users will too.

Development ​

Our website development technology experts will leverage the latest web technologies to create a powerful website platform customized for you. We can program your site to have a robust interface and content management system (CMS) that empower you to handle your site on a day-to-day basis. E-commerce, interactive elements, and multimedia platforms are just some of the technologies we can build for your project. By leveraging technology, you can wow your customers and gain even more business.

AI UI Design

Robust Programming Team

When creating or upgrading our web presence, we utilize a variety of technologies and tools to create a seamless experience for the end-user. You may think you need to hire dedicated PHP developers when what you really need is a team that understands PHP as well as Node.js. We provide holistic consultancy for your project. We are able to leverage both open source platforms and Microsoft solutions, depending on what your needs are. As part of our process, we will assess your existing platforms to determine if it is salvageable or if there is a need to start from scratch.

Technologies and Tools We Use in Development

Here are just some of the technologies we incorporate into our website development projects:

Php Development

PHP is an open source programming language that can create interactive, feature-rich websites. It works well with HTML5, JavaScript, and open source server solutions. App Maisters Php development company Houston is recognized as a top PHP developer. If you are looking to hire PHP developers, look no further.

Python Development

Looking to hire Python developers? App Maisters is a top Python developer. Sometimes, developing a web application requires Python instead of the more widely-used PHP. Python is open source, like PHP, but many Python development companies prefer it due to the elegance of the language and the many Python libraries and frameworks available. If you want to develop a high-end application for the web, Python is a good language to do it in.

.Net Development

Microsoft’s .NET is an extremely powerful and versatile software platform that can actually run a number of programming languages such as Visual Basic and C++. However, if you are looking to build your website on Microsoft technologies, you are probably looking to hire an ASP.NET developer. ASP.NET is an open source framework designed to support website development and web applications with .NET.

Node.js Development

Node.js is, in simple terms, JavaScript on steroids. If you are not a programmer, you don’t need to understand all the technical details. If you are a programmer, you probably already know that Node.js is a server-side implementation of JavaScript. What this means to the average person who just wants a neat website is this: Node.js lets you build really amazing web applications that weren’t possible with the older school combo of server-side PHP and browser-side JavaScript.

HTML 5 Development

You’ve probably heard of HTML. That is the basic scripting language that runs a web page. Well, HTML5 is (to borrow the same metaphor) another steroid-enhanced version of an old favorite. This is the latest version of HTML that allows for all sorts of interaction, graphics, and animation that weren’t possible in the old HTML. And since App Maisters are experts in modern web apps, we use HTML5 extensively in our projects.

Angular js Development

Like Node.js, AngularJS is another implementation of JavaScript that increases its capabilities and power ten-fold. AngularJS is what is called a “framework,” which is basically a full-featured software library (built in JavaScript) that supports additional development and customization in JavaScript. We like AngularJS because it’s really great at creating desktop-like applications in web browsers.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


PSHYC+ – EHR Application for Psychiatry Clinics

App Maisters delivered a HIPAA/HITRUST compliant healthcare application on Azure Cloud, seamlessly integrating with FHIR standards and third-party systems, utilizing serverless architecture for optimal performance.


Woodland Arts

App maisters develop an e-commerce website which will facilitate buyers and sellers to connect for selling and buying arts and craft-related products.


Quick Start

App Maisters developed a seamless integration solution for the Sales Enablement Portal, enabling users to register and access features outside the portal, with their information relayed to the App Maisters team via APIs.


Astros Foundation

App Maisters developed an engaging sports-themed website and app for elementary and primary-grade children, integrating literacy exploration with gamification elements for the Astros Foundation.

Travel & Tours

Hawaii Revealed

Discover Hawaii with the Hawaii Revealed app by AppMaisters, offering audio tours, real-time updates, and offline functionality for an enriched and sustainable travel experience.

Oil & Gas

Environmental Data Collection App

App Maisters and Gas Emission Firm innovate emissions monitoring with an intuitive Android Tablet App, providing real-time environmental data for informed decision-making.


E-Commerce Platform Development for Equipment Rental

App Maisters designed and launched an intuitive e-commerce platform that enables customers to sign up, reserve, rent, and purchase heavy machinery seamlessly, integrate with the client's internal systems for accounting and inventory management via custom APIs, and efficiently meet all requirements.
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