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Building a product is more than just designing it. The process involves analyzing its market competitors, various business models & marketing techniques. At App Maisters, we vigorously use all of our expertise to help you decide what to build and how to proceed with it.
An enterprise level mobility solution is must if you to reach your business goals and increase your productivity. Our target is all about placing your desired product within your budget—whilst pursuing the best way to accomplish your business objective.
The Mobility Consulting service we extend essentially develops an expertise of your market, industry, users, competition, development, technology and design.

App Maisters Strategic Product Definition

Strategic Product Definition

Identifying the latest app trends and using insights to build an app based on your business needs is very important for your company, be it small or large. Our experts are consumer-driven and we conduct regular workshops to determine and ensure these few criteria are met

Business & Market Insights

Kick starting our agenda with expert UX/UI research, we develop an understanding of your goals, market requirements, and the needs of your users. Grounding our design expertise in the research process, we help you settle on amazing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that bring your product to life. Exceeding all your expectations, we provide

App Maisters Business & Market Insights
Assembling Requirements

Assembling Requirements

Looking at your business goals, App Maisters next matches them to business drivers and marketing opportunities by conducting competitive analysis for creating a bestselling app for you. The requirement gathering and assembling is carried out through the following process

Scope of Work

App Maisters outlines all the critical features of an app that need to be incorporated into the scope of work. Our team of experts evaluate how important each feature is to your business and consumer’s point of view. We then provide an analysis of their implementation cost, ensuring the following services

App Maisters Scope Of Work

Increase Your Efficiency

Our mobility consultation service is something that conceptualizes, outlines, tests and creates custom apps that are launched successfully in the market. Knowing that there are multiple challenges to face while deploying apps on an enterprise level, our mobility consultation can also be personalized in order to fit your particular business needs.

With an award-winning track record of facilitating custom apps for startups, average to medium, and large companies, App Maisters covers the entire gamut of professional app designing, development, testing, marketing and distribution. Over the past few years, we have built a strong portfolio including partners that keep approaching back us seeing how quickly we convert mere ideas into actual realities.

So, what’s your idea of an app? Head over to our services page to pick up a suitable solution for your company.

If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to contact us and receive a call right away.into a reality.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Shareone Banking App

App Maisters partners with Share One for a banking app development, focusing on customization to meet client needs. The app features include bill payments, money transfers, and more, enhancing user financial management on the go.


Strong Hearts

App Maisters developed an innovative health and education app for the client, featuring interactive content, social networking capabilities, goal monitoring tools, and instructor-led assistance, empowering users to enhance their well-being through education, collaboration, and personalized guidance.

Travel & Tour

Hawaii Revealed

Discover Hawaii with the Hawaii Revealed app by AppMaisters, offering audio tours, real-time updates, and offline functionality for an enriched and sustainable travel experience.


Plant Safety & Livestock Wellness App For USDA

App Maisters and USDA developed a mobile app to educate on harmful plants, enhancing agricultural safety. Available on iOS and Android, it features offline access and easy updates, supporting farmers and the government's


Schizophrenia Patients Treatment App (SPT APP)

The EPI-MINN project developed the SPT (Schizophrenia Patient Treatment) App, enhancing the quality of life for young individuals with schizophrenia and their families.


Artificial Heart Pump Controlling App

App Maisters crafted an innovative solution centered around a UWP-based Surface Tablet application, facilitating secure data exchange between the Cradle and Controller via the BM71 BLE Module. With advanced cryptographic techniques and dynamic RSA key exchange, the application ensures seamless and authenticated communication, meeting the complex needs of heart failure patients effectively.
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