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Plastic Moulding Manufacturer


App Maisters was approached by a privately held manufacturer of Plastic Moulding that supplies to the auto industry. They have business presence in approximately 15 countries.

Problem Statement

The organization currently uses Business Objects to meet their current reporting needs. The organization does not have any ERP in place. They get data from multiple operational systems. They built a warehouse few years back which they wish to utilize.

They wanted to create an application which would allow everyone in the organization to see what tool can help meet their business needs which was not being met by Business Objects. Most of the executives were viewing the reports using touchscreens on tablets. So they wanted to understand how the reports can be used without using a mouse. They also wanted to leverage the KPI visualization power of Business Intelligence as the whole organization was moving towards defining KPIs across all their functions.


Given the problem, App Maisters identified KPIs and additional visualization for the KPIs to showcase the functioning of the Business Intelligence tool.

The KPIs were Revenue, Margin & Scrap. Each one of them had other attributes like customer, plant, department etc.

App Maisters created samples for key matrices and worked collaboratively with the client to understand their preference regarding graph placement, font, colors etc. Being a global organization, it was very important that the graph conveyed the right information across different cultures and languages.


Business Intelligence projects, if just seen as tool to create visuals, tend to lose interest and do not add much value, if root cause analysis and its solutioning is not carried out.

Examples of Visuals

Simple visual to start the page with KPIs being shown.

Monthly revenue by 3 lines of business and customers.

Revenue by Product

Margins by Line of Business and Customer