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Implement customized workflow solutions with AppMaisters’ SharePoint application development services

Microsoft Sharepoint Application Development empowers organizations to take control of their business processes through support for customized application development. Whether you are new to SharePoint or have years of experience using the platform, our SharePoint application development services offer the solution you need to optimize deployment.
We offer a wide variety of services for SharePoint users, including integration, custom app development, and SharePoint consulting services. With AppMaisters as your partner, you can maximize the productivity, collaboration, and automation benefits that this software platform offers.

SharePoint Services We Offer

Sharepoint Application Development, Consulting

As experts in Microsoft SharePoint and its implementation, we can help you select an optimal solution for SharePoint integration based on your business needs. Our team can help you select hardware and software stacks ideal for use with SharePoint.

SharePoint Application Development and Implementation

While SharePoint offers out-of-the-box functionality, its real power is in its limitless capacity for custom development. Our SharePoint development company can create a customized solution that optimizes and aligns with your existing process structures.

SharePoint Custom App Development

As an experienced SharePoint developer, we can help you realize innovative solution to business challenges on the platform. We can create customized applications and build special add-ins that enhance existing functionality.

Migration and Upgrade

If you are using an earlier version of SharePoint or a third-party system and are looking to upgrade, AppMaisters can help you relocate your solutions to the latest SharePoint system. We can help you migrate between on-premises systems, cloud-based solutions, and hybrid environments.

Application Integration

Rely on us when you require expert SharePoint integration with platform-based enterprise solutions like those offered by Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, SAP, and more. Our SharePoint application development team can build API-based integration systems, proprietary connectors, custom integrations, and more.

Maintenance and Support

Keeping your SharePoint system in top form requires expert SharePoint consulting services. We help our customers ensure world-class security and performance post-deployment. From routine maintenance to functional upgrades and performance analysis, our team can take care of your entire SharePoint environment.

Why Implement SharePoint?

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and productivity tool when properly configured. It offers numerous benefits to organizations in need of a robust, customizable business platform:


Implement solutions for knowledge management, task management, and even individual time management.


Create reliable systems of communication between individuals, teams, and your entire enterprise.

Content Management

We turn SharePoint into a complete content management system for the documents and data you use every day.

Business Process Automation

Rely on our expertise to automate high-volume, value-generating workflows.

Our team has the experience and knowledge you need to ensure optimal value through SharePoint application development. Our expertise in development and implementing solutions in the SharePoint environment gives us a unique edge in helping organizations undergo digital transformation and process automation.

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Client Stories

Recruitment Management Solution

  • The client, a financial service provider, followed a traditional recruitment process which was time consuming and expensive.
  • Due to high manual operations and complex processes, they were experiencing low efficiency and productivity.
  • The SharePoint based hiring platform simplified the staffing process and improved collaboration within the recruitment team.


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Payment Transaction Control

  • A payment transaction control portal was designed for maintaining & managing financial payments for various departments like Accounts, Procurement, Construction, Vender Management, and Contract Management etc.
  • The portal was integrated with SAP, The e-documents were stored in SharePoint and the metadata is shared with SAP Cost & Profit Centers.
  • The portal validates payee details through third party tools to avoid money laundering and fraudulent payments, and for international payments it also calculates risk for tax heaven countries, current political and vendors economical conditions through third party agencies.


Please Click Here to view Payment Transaction Control Case study.

Club Quarters – Connect Point

  • A SharePoint + Sage ERP Connector named “Connect Point” was developed to be used by 50+ customers with SAGE ERP for Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500 & Sage X3
  • All invoices are scanned through GScan (a automated scan tool) and dropped to a central library, and the invoices are stored in SharePoint Online and metadata, line items are processed by SAGE products
  • Different workflows are implemented in SharePoint for managing different levels of approvals depending upon the invoice type and invoice amount
  • After the approval, the scanned document is routed to a destination library and added to record with adding the metadata and line items to SAGE X3 (ERP) for further processing


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SharePoint Sales Portal Solution

  • Develop a centralized sales management solution helping them gain better visibility among regional sales team, regional marketing team and local sales development team.
  • The customized sales management solution should bridge the gap across multiple geographies by showcasing real-time sales information worldwide on its network of operations spanning in more than 100 countries through its widespread network of dealers and distributors.


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