Supply Chain BI Portal


App Maisters Inc. has been engaged by a client to design and develop “ScoreUs,” a mobile-responsive web portal aimed at revolutionizing resource procurement for businesses and institutions. By harnessing statistical analysis of data pertaining to vendors, buyers, plants, and commodities, the platform seeks to eliminate mistakes and defects in the procurement process. ScoreUs aspires to become an indispensable tool, driving efficiency, and optimization in resource procurement for its diverse user base.


The project solution entails developing an inclusive and user-friendly Admin Web Application called “ScoreUs” to revolutionize resource procurement for businesses and institutions. This mobile-responsive platform will support Chinese and English languages, catering to a wide audience. Key features include a Welcome Page with login options, a Forgot Password function, and a multi-step Sign-up process with subscription plans. The web app will generate vendor, buyer, plant, and commodity scorecards, providing statistical analysis and color-coded visualizations. Users can map out suppliers geographically and manage entity-specific settings. Instructions and demo pages will aid users in navigating the platform effectively. Additionally, the application will feature profile management, billing, and essential information pages, ensuring transparency and convenience for users. The project’s overarching goal is to empower users to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource procurement processes, and enhance overall efficiency.

Main Features of the App


Results & Benefits