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Cloud Consulting Services from our Team of Certified Cloud Consultants

The industry accredited team behind App Maisters commits to delivering scalable, high-performant, secure, and reliable applications capable of meeting strict SLAs while exceeding expectations. Our comprehensive suite of professional cloud consulting services includes Migration Services, Security & Compliance, Cloud Advisory, Cloud Native Development, Managed Services, DevOps, Workshop/Labs, and Optimized Cloud Services.

Cloud Advisory

Prior to migrating your organization’s operations to the cloud and enjoying unparalleled benefits, certain fundamental decisions must be made. Start with designing an ideal operational infrastructure and focus on a well-crafted strategy to deploy and manage services. 

The AWS experts at App Maisters enable customers to develop systems that benefit from the best practices of the cloud via an AWS Well-Architected Framework. Our team doesn’t just design cloud architectures but also implements a customized cloud-oriented strategy that suits your AWS needs and wants. For companies that leverage on-premise data centers, AWS is able to provide fundamental disaster recovery solutions to streamline migration across borders.  

App Maisters commits to developing a personalized recovery strategy by assessing the existing IT infrastructure of your company, and then it comes up with a trusted cloud-based disaster recovery configuration. We can guarantee that our certified cloud experts will use efficient practices at any step of the process to meet your corporate compliance demands.


Cloud-Native Development

Allow the industry-leading experts at App Maisters to help you develop and deploy flexible, agile applications to the cloud. Whether your collection of applications is big or small, our dedicated team can build you the ultimate architecture with outstanding scaling AWS capabilities. This way, your apps will benefit from enterprise-level security, unparalleled storage, and full flexibility of cloud-based computing. 

App Maisters commits to a faster, more efficient, and reliable backend, while also assisting with moving your SQL or Oracle-based applications to the cloud. Whether you have Terabytes or Petabytes of data made available, we can make sure to transfer it quickly by employing the AWS Import/Export or RedShift services.

Migration Services

The App Maisters cloud migration services enable companies to benefit from a streamlined cloud adoption journey, while also undergoing a structured, well-architectured framework to attain an accelerated architectural transformation in processes, technology, and infrastructure. By implementing the Well-Architected Framework (WAF) within our methodology we can address gaps, reduce migration risks, and develop a smooth path for influencing future cloud-based innovations. 

The App Maisters migration approach focuses on the perfect alignment of a data-driven approach with architectural design and AWS WAF principles in the hopes of creating an environment open for innovation and experimentation. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of customers attain their business goals, and although every company has its own custom cloud adoption principles, we believe that there are patterns and best practices that can be improved and adapted to ease the transformation process.


Optimized Cloud Services

App Maisters will analyze your existing patterns for using AWS in order to be able to come up with an optimization plan for improving both cost and performance. We highly recommend that you implement a mix of Dedicated, On-Demand, Spot, and Reserved instances to meet your demands at the best possible price. Our experienced cloud architects will make sure to optimize your costs following a careful analysis of your workload to set aside inefficient processes slowing you down.


As the world of software development changes and evolves, the need for operations and development teams to work together intensifies. For software to be released faster and with great quality, methodologies must be aligned to ensure ongoing deployment. Thanks to advanced tools we can now break free of process-oriented, legacy application lifecycles that once made software development isolated. 

The App Maisters ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) approach paves the way to creating an agile, flexible environment that can easily adapt to the needs of your team while also removing barriers and streamlining processes. The end goal is to enable teams to focus on delivering efficient, fast, and top-quality software solutions. Our DevOps as a Service compel agile development teams to stay focused on their core abilities, thus delivering an environment that is tailored to the needs of your organization. We provide expertise, tools, and flows that have been tried and tested in both small and large companies looking for a complete makeover of their DevOps environment.


Managed Services

App Maisters provides managed services that cater to your specific AWS infrastructure. We leverage AWS tools and a great team of industry experts to guarantee high performance, system availability, and fast problem resolution. Compiling a strong, fully-operational AWS infrastructure is only a first step in a journey to creating a highly-efficient, flexible digital workflow. To help you attain full-blown results, we need to strategize a convenient tech stack, ensure reliability, manage configurations, and preserve ongoing efficiency. 

Supervised, strict administration along with constant monitoring lies at the core of operational integrity. Ongoing tuning and performance testing are equally important because they enable our team to ensure that you’re making the most of your backend at a fair price. Having a team monitor your services ensures ongoing cost optimization, and given that AWS keeps evolving, the experts at App Maisters will constantly use the best strategies to ensure your business stays on the floating line.

Security & Compliance

Once you’ve succeeded at migrating your operations to the cloud, it is important to guarantee the security of your data as well. Keep in mind that your customers are trusting you with their personal data, meaning that you need a trusted partner to help you keep things protected. App Maisters ensures the highest level of cloud-based security solutions when using AWS. Our team is devoted to establishing network firewalls to protect your AWS cloud and guarantee the highest level of privacy control at an enterprise level. 

The App Maisters cloud architects are specialized in producing assessment reports on server vulnerabilities, as well as analyzing and determining what level of security your company truly needs. By making sure that your applications leverage services like AWS CloudTrail, App Maisters provides easy, safe access to your data. 



App Maisters leverages the expertise of AWS certified trainers to hold courses, workshops, and classes meant to boost the skills of your internal IT team, and help them get their AWS certifications. Based on your company’s overall experience with the cloud, App Maisters can provide personalized training to help you attain your objectives and meet your goals.

Whether you are a Startup getting ready to launch a Cloud based app or an Enterprise looking to migrate OR cutting down their expenses and taking advantage of  Cloud improved reliability and auto scaling features, we are here to help.  Contact us to speak with our Certified Consultants today.

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