Strong Hearts (Texas A&M)

About The Client

A renowned Texas university’s Healthy Living program has embarked on an exciting journey to enhance the reach and impact of their successful Strong Hearts initiative. This initiative focuses on reducing cardiovascular disease risk in middle-aged and older adults by promoting healthier eating and physical activity habits. It also assesses local resources related to nutrition and physical environments while working to change societal attitudes towards active living and healthy eating.

Project Objective

The partnership with App Maisters sought to create an innovative health and education app. This app included interactive content, social networking, goal monitoring, and instructor-led assistance, all designed to empower users in enhancing their well-being through education, collaboration, and personalized guidance.

Project Solution

App Maisters offered a comprehensive project solution for the user mobile app and staff web app. It prioritized a seamless user experience, data security, and HIPAA-PHI compliance. The user mobile app included splash screens, secure sign-in, profile management, community interactions, goal tracking, resources, and notifications. The staff web app provided secure sign-in, dashboards, user management, analytics, and content moderation. The solution ensured a seamless and secure experience while adhering to HIPAA-PHI regulations.


Main Features Of The App

Tools And Technologies