Emergency Alert Safety App


Our client specializes in crisis preparedness and training services for businesses and places of worship. Their mission is to reduce liability and ensure the safety of employees by equipping them with the necessary skills to respond effectively to natural and man-made crises. With a focus on proactive readiness and personalized training programs, our client is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their crisis response capabilities.

Project Challanges

The primary challenge for App Maisters Inc. was to design and develop an intuitive and robust mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. The application needed to integrate seamlessly with a web-based Admin Panel, allowing administrators to upload informative content to educate users about emergency response strategies and identifying potential dangers. Furthermore, the application had to provide real-time alerts and notifications to ensure user safety and reduce liability for the client.


The client approached App Maisters Inc. with the aim of developing a mobile application that would help ensure personal safety for users in various crisis situations. The objective was to create a platform that could alert users when they enter high-crime areas or when riots/situations are forming nearby. Additionally, the application would provide alerts for road closures and include a panic/alert button offering options for notifying others or reaching out for emergency assistance.


The application developed by App Maisters Inc. serves as a comprehensive personal safety solution for users, aiming to minimize risks in crisis situations. Through real-time alerts and notifications, the application enhances user awareness and provides immediate response options.

Project Implementation

App Maisters Inc. initiated the development process by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and target user base. The team designed an intuitive user interface with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. The application incorporated advanced location-based services to detect high crime areas, developing a reliable algorithm to identify potential threats accurately.

The implementation involved developing a robust backend infrastructure to support real-time data processing and communication between users and the application server. Integration with external services, such as emergency contact numbers and messaging systems, was implemented to enable quick response options in crisis situations.

App Maisters Inc. also developed a web-based Admin Panel that allowed the client to manage and update informative content within the application. The panel included features for content upload, user management, and analytics to track the application’s usage and performance.

Tools And Technologies

Main Features


The collaboration resulted in a successful implementation that addressed the client’s objective of reducing liability and improving crisis response capabilities.

Overall, the collaboration between Safe Secure Systems and App Maisters Inc. resulted in a successful project implementation that met the client’s objectives.