COVID-19 Back to Work Application Suite for Enterprise

Helping Employees Return to Work

App Maisters announces COVID19 Back to Work Safety and Readiness App Suites for Enterprises
No matter the size of your organization, no company is immune to the effects of COVID19. Businesses are forced to alter their method of operations to maintain and in some cases, sustain their business.
App Maisters today announced the availability of a new COVID 19 Back to work Safety and Readiness Application Suite that enables organizations to ensure workforce safety during a crisis, and manage their return-to-work in the most effective way possible.
Our application suite includes the following


Designed specifically to incorporate the latest recommendations from the CDC and the regulatory framework as created by OSHA, the Back to Work Toolkit from AppMaisters’ for onboarding monitoring and enforcing COVID19 small facility environments, proximity tracking and developing a Back to Work safety and Readiness Plan.

Covid Symptom Checker

Adhering to the CDC and OSHA requirements, employers need to first ensure the health of an employee and clear them to return to the workplace. App Maisters’ Covid Symptom Checker enables employers to track their employees’ health prior to clearing them to access the workplace. Our Covid Symptom Checker offers the following features in order to clear an employee to return to work as well as provide guidelines in accordance with CDC and OSHA requirements

Health Bot Symptom Triage

Suggest Labs Testing Location for Health Status Verification Before Returning to Work

Covid Proximity App

Once your employee is comfortable with returning to the workplace, ensuring they stay healthy and productive is of the utmost priority. This is why our Covid Proximity App helps with:

Daily Health Check-Ins

Bluetooth Tracing of Employee Contact Activity

Health & Contact Tracking for Employers

Covidtrac App

If an employee is infected, the organization needs to enact an immediate quarantine and allow the employee to work from home. Our CovidTrac solution enables employers to easily track and trace an employee through GeoFencing technology.

Employers Can

Employees Are

Back to Work Passport App

Getting an employee who is or has been affected by the pandemic is a challenging yet sensitive task. App Maisters’ has simplified the process; through our ‘COVID Back to Work Passport’, we ensure that any employee returning to work are fully recovered, validated by a SARS-CoV-2 antibody test from a CLIA certified laboratory.

The Solution Allows The Employer To

Employees Are Able To

In conjunction with the Symptom Checker, COVIDTrac & Proximity solutions, employers now have visibility of the ‘Return to Work’ cycle, being able to

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