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Digital Transformation

What We Do For Enterprises?

We fully understand the fact that enterprises and growing companies require a whole different level of expertise & energy altogether. Having gained a wealth of expertise over the years, our dedicated engineers are fully aware of the various complexities and challenges faced by you and your team and would be happy to assist you in helping you achieve your IT goals and objective.

Regardless of your size and operating scale, App Maisters experts are skilled in dealing with technology challenges and changing competitive dynamics in your industry. We have experts that have years in experience in almost all major verticals including Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Marketing and others. We are well equipped to help you deal with major challenges such as: lack of resources, lack of interconnectivity within applications, streamlining projects & business goals & integrating ideas into existing or new systems. We also recognize your need to establish & maintain compliance standards, keep a collaborative balance between various teams, while ensuring a sustainable Return on Investment.

How Do We Do What We’re Best At?

Selecting a well-qualified technology partner is critical for your strategy and the overall success rate of your IT project. These days, rapidly evolving enterprise naturally require a full-blown team to support, develop & execute their projects. Our App Maisters have more than a decade’s worth of technology experience creating seamless integrated solutions for both medium & large-scale enterprises. We help you retain your organizational flexibility, enable better decision making, ultimately boosting your productivity. Our digital transformation services act as a channel bridge—assisting your in-house team in building & integrating or building a custom enterprise digital solution.

At App Maisters, we work closely with all clients, assisting the merging of numerous applications and system databases so your enterprise attains a vigorous system operating at maximum efficiency. Our team also provides an agile workflow, one which guarantees quick decision making along with a seamless integration process. We will collaboratively work with your IT team, ensuring that applications align with your business objectives.

Featured Enterprise Industries

Our enterprise digital solutions are spread across a wide array of industries. Some of the featured verticals we cater include:


We empower healthcare service providers towards a new era of doctor-patient communication. Our custom solutions assist practitioners to adopt and integrate innovative healthcare solutions. We also aim towards providing viable technology leverages, all of which are 100% secure & HIPAA compliant, automatically reducing their risks of employing multiple vendors.

Oil & Gas

In technological era, the oil & gas industry is striving to innovate disruptive business methods, improve data efficiencies and overall productivities. Having a decade’s worth of experience in this trade, we understand the need to originate strategy alignment alongside modern technology. We also safeguard employees’ health & safety standards, improve integrated operations and manage crisis handling in various project phases.

Finance & Banking

With the constantly changing rules & regulations in the finance banking sector, it’s time to change the work processes too. App Maisters allows banking sectors to stay ahead of competition by providing end-to-end secured compliance and increased customers’ satisfaction on all levels. We offer cost-effective, real-time digital solutions that are agile and scalable, having the power to engage audiences seamlessly.

Digital Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise App Development

Enterprise applications are bringing a massive revolution to how businesses are ran today. App Maisters makes the process of enterprise app development and integration easy for you by selecting all the right strategies – we are with you from the first consulting meeting to launching and maintaining your application within your company.


Cloud Development

Our Cloud based solutions not only allow you to develop enterprise apps on various platforms databases & CRM, but they also enable you to manage, maintain and support cloud hosting services. We can also carry out scaling operations as part of our cloud development service, both during or after product submission.

IOT development

At App Miasters, we seek to empower your enterprise using advanced IoT applications. Our IoT developers work enthusiastically to provide modern innovations such as wearable devices, which help open a whole new world of digital experience for your customers.


Big Data & Analytics

Using our big data and analytics, you can collect massive amounts of information and utilize it productively. Big data is used for properly optimizing your business process. This service significantly decreases your cost labors, at the same time of increasing additional data storage options.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Being a growing enterprise, if you decide to advance your product and service to the next level, App Maisters is more than happy to assist your team into the world of virtual and augmented reality. VR/AR act as instant RIO boosters, the two are far beyond gaming & entertainment now. Multiple industries (healthcare, oil & gas, banking, education) are integrating them while building their new products so as to establish a risk-free environment for themselves.


Experts in Enterprise App Design & Development

Based in Houston, Texas, App Maisters’ is a first class, custom digital solutions partner. Our team offers dedicated digital transformation services and strategy consulting that help companies achieve a sustainable & competitive advantage.

With over 400 successful projects under our portfolio, we take pride in catering to the needs of all sizes and types of clients—from ambitious startups & business enterprises to large multinationals.

Using our wealth of tech know-how, decade’s worth of expertise, highly refined processes, and a vast code repository, we position our clients for success by offering a complete range of budget-friendly services. Our efficient solutions are designed to minimize your technical overhead & drive more productivity. We don’t simply focus on designing and developing, we strive towards being a digital innovation hub that helps companies bring their ideas to life.

Please take the opportunity to see all the great work our team has done so far within our portfolio.

Client Stories

Share One

Share One’s goal was to deliver a high quality, tightly integrated mobile application customizable to each client’s requirements. The customization includes the clients own branding colors and landing pages, and the ability to deploy features they choose such as: bill payment, money transfers, e-statements, tax information, loan and new account application, overdraft payment, remote deposit capture, and branch/ATM location services. The mobile application provides Share One’s clients the opportunity to stay competitive in the financial marketplace and for their end-users to manage their finances on the go.

Please Click Here to view Share One case study.

Brethren Retirement Community

The objective of this Enterprise application was to allow community staff to easily account for any services they are providing to community residents. The solution was provided on all the major devices including ipads and tablets. The requirement was also to make the solution HIPAA compliant.

Please Click Here to view Brethren Retirement Community case study.

Artificial Intelligence Solution For Houston-Based Startup

To provide a comprehensive solution that involves developing a subscription based php website, a big data repository to house millions of online data in a condensed format & a search engine that searches the data using Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing) based on several factors like sensitivity score, sentiment analysis, keywords, authors and other search criteria.

Finally, it was to provide statistical analysis that includes k-means clustering, lda topic extraction and other meaningful scientific data for data scientists and financial analyst in verticals like Oil & Gas, Finance/Banking and Healthcare to make their prediction and investment decision.

Please Click Here to view Artificial Intelligence Solution For Houston-Based Startup case study.

Advanced Technical and Educational Consultants (ATEC)

App Maisters’ team was required to develop an application that’s user friendly and be able to effectively track patients using some sort of radio frequency bands and QR codes when they pass through certain checkpoints. The objective was to find a solution that assist emergency responders to account for patients during a mass casualty event and also evaluate performance of emergency responders in managing triage, treatment and transport activities in a mass casualty event.

Please Click Here to view Advanced Technical and Educational Consultants (ATEC) case study.


Scott Bush


To build a mobile app within the time required, we knew that outsourcing the development made sense for us. We wanted to tap a company that had a good reputation and which we felt could deliver a quality project in a timely fashion. We discovered App Maisters and felt confident of their capabilities after an extensive due diligence process.