Nursing Care


In previously running solutions Citizens have the right to choose their preferred service provider, but lacks information to make their choices. Which let them face future problems and complexities in taking services and medical treatments. App Maisters helped to develop this HIPA compliant solution to solve these factors for better customer services.


The purpose was to provide decision making support for service providers and citizens. The Skilled Nursing Product development company of Health needed to align the reporting standards, and set out to present this information in an easy to consume format for citizens. They also wanted to ensure a proper process for managing the underlying data, changes and slipstreaming new indicators as needed.

App maisters played a role to assist them in roadmap their future development, assessment of right tools, assessment of technical risks and mitigating technical risk.


App Solution

The resulting solution has created an automated way for this health organization to add new quality indicators to national banks of information using simple, back-end statistical models, verifications and workflows. All of this information provides options for consumers to make relevant, real-time decisions regarding their own healthcare. App Maisters helped to develop such solutions using an Agile delivery model for competitive advantage, building the solution from beginning to end within a 6-week period.


Technology Used

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • .NET core
  • MS SQL server
  • tableu
  • Power Pivot.


  •  comprehensive support services in ongoing IT support solutions
  • Improved usability and effectiveness of overall customer service
  • Efficient delivery with customer’s satisfaction