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The future of technology is IoT development. IoT stands for “Internet of Things,” and the term refers to connecting everyday devices, appliances, and systems to the greater Internet network. Connected IoT devices and systems become “smart.” That’s because they can do more and offer more to the people who use them. From smart homes to smart manufacturing, IoT is the future. Our world-class IoT developers at App Maisters can help your business take advantage of this growing technology to better serve your customers while increasing profits.

IoT and Connected Device Design and Development

App Maisters IoT Development Company we can look at the Internet of Things (IoT) as an entire technology ecosystem, such as smart cities and smart enterprises, it is ultimately built on individual components. App Maisters can help your company ride the convergence of smart devices and technological systems to create a holistic picture of the future that fulfills your company’s objectives. Here’s how:

Smart Connections

When you are looking for the top IoT developers, you want to be sure your team understands how everything connects. App Maisters knows how to navigate the technical hurdles and challenges of connecting various devices, internal systems, communication interfaces, and cloud data in a secure and smart way. We can integrate a variety of networking protocols, including NFC, WiFi, BLE, and more, to effectively feed information sharing and processing.

Data Collection

Having secure data collection is even more important now, with massive laws such as the European Union’s GDPR making companies not just responsible for customer data but liable. Using advanced, embedded, and secure distributed web systems, our best IoT programmers can capture the right data and have it safely processed and stored.

Data Access and Reporting

Raw data collection with no purpose or plan is ultimately a waste of company resources. Our expert IoT developers can take your data, and make it useful and actionable. Whether it needs to be searchable or categorized, we can make your information accessible via intranet, client applications, and reporting systems.

Advanced IoT System Development

Our top Internet of Things consultants know how to handle the most challenging IoT development projects, including:

Device Design and Hardware Prototypes

When you need IoT device designers, App Maisters can do the job. We can program a variety of customized smart devices and develop hardware prototypes to populate your technology ecosystem. From wearable tech, including pendants, pins, and badges, to large smart devices and interactive objects such as LED tables, we can help. From design to prototyping and development, our IoT engineers can get your business on the IoT bandwagon.

Smart Mobile Apps

A key centerpiece of any IoT ecosystem is the interfaces that control and connect the smart objects. Our mobile app development system can help create smartphone interfaces, including mobile websites, that can remotely control and communicate with your technologies. Whether you need iBeacons or data exchange using JSON or RESTful APIs, we can help guide the process and come up with the best IoT technical solution.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Whether you need remote fleet management or access to the latest data, App Maisters can create the best business intelligence dashboards to connect to your smart network. Our IoT designers can set up workflow automation in M2M using the most advanced business logic. With our background in BI, we can also design robust reporting and analytics, so you can make the most informed business decisions.

Sensor Data Acquisition and Integration

Our expert IoT consultants can devise systems to handle all of the high-volume data you will be receiving from your smart network. From sensor signals to beacons, we know how to integrate your connected devices in a manner that will ensure compatibility and communication. What is the point of having all these devices if they are disconnected and not able to talk to one another? Our top Internet of Things programmers can make sure your systems are top-notch using the best ETL tools, security systems, and middleware.

HMI Device Interfaces and Digital Signal Processors

Finally, your IoT devices and apps will need visual and audio components to complete the interface. Whether you need digital signal processors (DSPs) or touch panels, App Maisters can help. Our top IoT developers and consultants can handle everything from control displays to I/O customization.

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Client Stories


The BlackGold Tokenization of Reserves serves as a good example of how bypassing traditional oil transactions through blockchain can benefit the oil and gas industry. Through peer-to-peer trading system of ERC-20 compliant Ethereum Blockchain tokens, traders in the oil and gas industry are able to avoid brokers and heavy transactional costs conclusively resulting in reduced prices for traders and end-consumers.

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Carbon Credit Tokenization

Tokenization of carbon credits to create a secure, standardized, real-time exchange for generation, sale, purchase, and redemption of carbon credits leveraging blockchain technology.

The ecosystem for carbon credits involves multiple entities. A corporate is usually taxed for pollution, and seeks to purchase carbon credits. These credits come in various forms, the best being the ones accredited by Corporates purchase carbon credits from NGOs who then invest in Sustainability projects which generate carbon credits.

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Smart Energy Solution

Just as the first generation of the internet has seen an explosion in e-commerce, the second generation is bound to witness a different form of e-commerce that involves machine to machine transactions, the energy producers will be the sellers in this system, buyers would be the other systems that need the renewable energy credit to off-set pollution and comply with regulations. Buyers will pay seller in crypto-currency and receive the renewable energy certificates in the form of ERC-721 Tokens.

The data marketplace is coded in the form of smart contracts. Our Alliance Partners’ Smart Energy Platform, NetObjex provides eco-system participation as state of the art, secure, ready to deploy, edge to blockchain trading system that encompasses IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

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Cattle Management App

Cattle Management App provides an integrated system using Digitization and GPS technologies, leveraged by an enhanced software application to help with ranching optimization. Manage multiple facets of ranching operations into a single platform, providing intuitive and relevant analysis to help make better business decisions. Use technology to more efficiently manage cattle operations by increasing output and production. The client has multiple ranches and runs into different day to day operations like vaccination tracking, Health Checkup of Cattles, Keep close Fences to don’t lose any of the herd.

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