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When it comes to building and deploying an application on the cloud, the entire process requires careful assessment and planning to build the app with high scalability, capacity, security and integration. App Maisters Inc. not only provides Cloud App Development but offers you a diverse range of software development services including IPhone App Development, Android App Development, Windows App Development, Web App Development, Cloud Development and Game Development Services to its huge clientele. Whether you need to build a web or service cloud application, an app that can be accessed through mobile devices or a kind of a browser or desktop app, our proficient team of developers and architects assist you in planning, designing, developing and deploying cloud applications in the right direction.

For developing a new cloud app or to migrate the existing app, our experts help you select the right type of cloud including private, public or hybrid with the right choice of platform so that you develop the right app for your business.

App Maisters Inc. provides dedicated cloud development services that are perfectly placed to assist you reduce costs, improve performance and increase efficiencies. We understand the need of your businesses and provide you custom cloud applications which are built to harness the power of the cloud and help accelerate your success.

At present, we are providing cloud services on the following platforms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

App Maisters Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables you to speed up the development and release cycles of your organization. Using certified AWS engineers, companies can deploy solutions to cloud-native environments using microservice architecture and containerized development strategies. With AWS cloud, you can build highly-advanced and scalable solutions in the cloud without compromising scalability, security, and dependability. Furthermore, AWS Cloud platform is reliable and powerful to help save your time, money, and manage your infrastructure itself. We are currently providing consulting, infrastructure reviews, legal app modernization, AWS cloud development, Platform migration, IOT development and Artificial intelligence Solutions to companies in several industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Transformation and Logistics and others.

Whether you are looking for Amazon Cloud experts to help you build your new project or want to migrate your existing system on Amazon Cloud, App Maisters Inc will help steer your Amazon cloud development initiatives in the right direction. Our team of experts have vast experience assisting businesses leverage Amazon Cloud platform. From determining the business case for moving to Amazon Cloud, to developing, deploying and managing complex Amazon Cloud initiatives, App Maisters Inc offers you full suite of business consulting and technology services for your business.

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Azure Cloud

App Maisters Inc provides advanced and scalable technology solutions on Windows Azure Platform, It’s designed for businesses and organizations to build, host and scale their complex Microsoft based applications in Microsoft’s cutting edge data-centers.

App Maisters Inc. has a team of talented engineers and agile software developers who’ve been building enterprise solutions in Microsoft technologies (i.e. Azure platform) since last many years, and we also employ a team of mobile and web application developers who have been proficient in today’s advanced technologies. At App Maisters Inc, your Microsoft Azure Cloud development experience can be modified to meet all your business needs, with the security, scalability and dependability you’d expect from Microsoft.

You can use our team’s expertise in your business application development projects to provide enhanced opportunities for your company to better align itself with the Microsoft Azure Cloud model.

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App Maisters Azure Cloud Service

Google Cloud

App Maisters Google Cloud Service

Without a doubt, Google has been recognized as a world’s powerful technology and in the preceding years, Google has delivered outstanding and innovative solutions like Google Search, Chrome, Gmail, Maps and YouTube. Now, Google has introduced a list of Google’s own products and tool that allows the worldwide developer community and enterprises access to the engine to build their own custom apps. This set of modular cloud-based services are known as ‘Google Cloud Platform’ offering highly scalable and reliable infrastructure and support to technology industry. Initially Google Cloud Platform was started with a few tools and services such as Google App Engine and then quickly progressed to include many other advanced services with new features and support.

These cloud computing services provide building blocks and a professional platform for developers and enterprises to build and host anything from simple website to complex applications. In addition to this, Google Cloud Platforms provides a managed infrastructure to build and host the backend for any mobile apps using custom code with Google Cloud Endpoints.

Some of the Benefits of Buildings Apps on

Google Cloud Plarform

App Maisters Inc understands the need of advanced technology for businesses and provides a team of skilled Consultant, Architects and Developers to assist you building the next generation of applications right in the cloud. Our experts can also help you migrate your current system to the cloud. Using complete development stack of Google Cloud platform, it is possible for our engineers to build complex web apps serving thousands of users or a backend service manageable from a mobile. We offer you all the benefits of a cloud platform and provide highly advanced and smart apps to make sure you get maximum benefits investing in the cloud.

Are you ready to go Google? Contact us at and let us know about your needs. At App Maisters Inc, our engineers will make it easy for you to go Google.

Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace has been renowned for its specialized hosting solutions, but it has now developed into a big platform-as-a-service player in today’s technology world. To effectively launch your business in the cloud, the most significant thing you need is a reliable server for your business solution. And for this, Rackspace Cloud is a strong platform that offers you with several server options based on your business needs. At App Maisters Inc, we help you build custom applications using Rackspace cloud platform. Our team will assist you design your infrastructure, so you can focus on building your business. We employ a team of talented professionals who help you determine exactly what your business requirements are. App Maisters Inc. can also assist you with all aspects of server management and maintenance to save your time and resources.

Whether you need help in designing, developing, managing, or troubleshooting your business solution, call us for all your technology solution needs. We have an experienced staff including Architectures, Agile Software Developers, Database Administrators, Engineers, and Microsoft® Certified Professionals who are available to put their expertise to work for you, to help improve your performance and accelerate your success.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


PSHYC+ - EHR Application for Psychiatry Clinics

PSHYC+, developed by App Maisters, is a HIPAA/HiTrust compliant EHR SaaS application for psychiatric clinics, featuring FHIR API support

Oil & Gas

Enviormental Data Collection App

App Maisters and Gas Emission Firm innovate emissions monitoring with an intuitive Android Tablet App, providing real-time environmental data for informed decision-making.


AWS Migration Manufacturing Industry

App Maisters provided a robust AWS solution, optimizing infrastructure, ensuring cost efficiency, and enhancing security. Our approach prioritized proactive monitoring, disaster recovery, and continuous support, empowering the client with actionable insights for ongoing improvement.


Covid Instascan Label Printing Mobile Application

App Maisters created an Android app for Instascan devices to print "PASS" labels with timestamps. The app, integrated with a thermal printer, detected temperature values during calls. If below 99.6°F, it printed the label; otherwise, it didn't.


Artificial Heart Pump Controlling App

This application was strategically designed to effectively operate and regulate a mechanical circulatory support apparatus, specifically an Artificial Heart Pump.


Life Care Hospital

The app provides Hospitals, physicians and partners the ability to refer patients to “LifeCare Health Partners”, taking into consideration criteria information and geolocations for the patients.
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