Artificial Heart Pump Controlling App

About the Client

Our client is a leading company in the Healthcare Device Manufacturing sector, headquartered in the vibrant city of Houston. The company is renowned for its exceptional team, which includes experienced life science entrepreneurs, skilled engineers, distinguished cardiologists, and seasoned experts in the field of heart failure. Their primary expertise lies in addressing the unique needs of individuals dealing with heart failure through the development of cutting-edge percutaneous mechanical circulatory support (pMCS) devices. These devices are designed to provide secure and innovative solutions for patients with heart failure.

Project Objective

The primary goal of this initiative involved the development of a UWP-driven Surface Tablet application. This application was strategically designed to effectively operate and regulate a mechanical circulatory support apparatus, specifically an Artificial Heart Pump. The innovation targeted the critical task of providing advanced treatment to individuals suffering from heart failure, particularly those whose medical condition exceeds the efficacy of medication as a standalone solution.


App Maisters helped to develop innovative solution centered on a UWP-based Windows Tablet application, with primary access via the Windows Surface Go 2 platform. This Surface application acts as the intermediary, facilitating seamless data exchange between the Cradle and Controller, both powered by the BM71 BLE Module. By establishing secure communication channels, the application enables data transmission from the Cradle to the Controller, utilizing both wired and Bluetooth BLE connections.

At the core of our solution lies a UWP-based Surface Tablet application, meticulously designed to address the complex needs of heart failure patients whose medical condition necessitates treatment beyond traditional medication. Employing advanced cryptographic techniques such as RSA Signature and Timestamp, every command from Cradle to Controller is secured. Moreover, the application leverages Dynamic RSA Key Exchange to ensure seamless and authenticated communication between the Controller and Cradle.


  • Effortless Bluetooth pairing devoid of user intervention
  • Robust Bluetooth pairing employing secure protocols like the Passkey Method
  • Skillful parsing of received data packets, subsequently displayed on the GUI as Controller data
  • Implementation of RSA-signed command packets, allowing operations like Pump activation, speed adjustment, and controlled shutdown
  • Wired Communication prioritization over wireless connections
  • Secure transmission of JSON data structures to the Influx cloud database via HTTPS
  • Preservation of Controller data packets through local storage as text files on the Cradle, providing a reliable backup
  • Localized storage of data on the Windows Surface tablet
  • Efficient threading separation for distinct groups of functions, ensuring high-priority activities remain unhindered by lower-priority tasks

Main Features of the App

  • Effortless Bluetooth Pairing: The app facilitates seamless and user-friendly Bluetooth pairing, eliminating the need for manual intervention during the pairing process.
  • Secure Bluetooth Pairing: Employing secure protocols like the Passkey Method, the app ensures that the Bluetooth pairing process maintains a high level of security.
  • Data Parsing and Display: The application intelligently parses received data packets and presents them on the user interface, providing real-time insights into the Controller’s data.
  • Command Security: RSA-signed command packets empower users to execute critical actions, including turning the Pump on/off, adjusting speeds, and controlled shutdowns, with enhanced security and confidence.
  • Wired Communication Priority: The app intelligently prioritizes wired communication over wireless connections, ensuring a stable and reliable data exchange process.
  • Secure Cloud Database Transmission: JSON data structures are securely transmitted to the Influx cloud database using HTTPS, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of patient data.
  • Local Data Backup: To guarantee data integrity, Controller data packets are locally stored as text files on the Cradle, providing a reliable backup mechanism.
  • Efficient Local Storage: Patient data is securely stored within the Windows Surface tablet, enhancing accessibility and ensuring data availability even when offline.
  • Thread Management: By segregating functions into separate threads, the app optimizes performance and responsiveness, allowing high-priority activities to run without interference.
  • Comprehensive Additional Features: The application encompasses a suite of supplementary features that contribute to a well-rounded and effective solution.


  • Universal Windows platform
  • C#
  • AWS Cloud
  • SQL Lite
  • IoT Enabled App
  • Artificial Pump
  • Delivery Systems
  • Introducer Set
  • Control System
  • Retrieval System


Our collaboration resulted in the successful transformation of a concept into a polished, user-centric application. This application seamlessly interfaces with a mechanical circulatory support system—an Artificial Heart Pump—customized to cater to the unique needs of patients with heart failure who have found traditional medications inadequate.

Our team’s expertise shone through as we conceived and developed a UWP-based application meticulously crafted for compatibility with the Windows Surface Go 2 platform. This strategic decision ensured a secure pairing process and enabled the smooth exchange of data between the Cradle and Controller components, utilizing both wired and Bluetooth BLE connections.