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AWS Consulting & Planning Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS Consulting) enables you to speed up the development and release cycles of your organization. Using certified AWS engineers, companies can deploy solutions to cloud-native environments using microservice architecture and containerized development strategies.

Overview Of AWS Consulting And Infrastructure Services

App Maisters Strategic Product Definition

Modernizing Legacy Applications: Transitioning to Cloud Infrastructure

AWS provides an integrated development, deployment, operation, and infrastructure ecosystem that drives modern organizational efficiencies. You can use the extensive suite of services available from AWS to modernize legacy applications, develop and deploy new solutions, host the supporting infrastructure, and manage customer relationships using built-in ITSM services.


Cloud Platform Development

App Maisters offers AWS Engineering expertise for cloud-native development and setting up CI/CD pipelines, ensuring high availability, enhanced security, and fault tolerance in AWS-hosted applications. Partner with us for improved scalability, reduced maintenance, and frequent software deployment.

App Maisters Business & Market Insights
Assembling Requirements

AWS Platform Migration

Leveraging Amazon ECS, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes, App Maisters ensures reliable software performance across environments, reducing cloud resource use and infrastructure costs. Our experts guide smooth migrations to AWS from on-premises, CGP, or Azure, navigating potential challenges effectively.

AWS IoT Development

AWS offers a streamlined platform to create apps for connected devices, featuring services like IoT Core, IoT Device Defender, and IoT Analytics. IoT Core ensures secure device-to-device and device-to-cloud interactions. App Maisters’ team is equipped to enhance your current IoT systems or craft new, bespoke solutions.

App Maisters Scope Of Work
Expert Data Warehouse Design and Setup - App Maisters

Full Stack Development

Microservice architecture allows for frequent, seamless software updates with no downtime. App Maisters’ AWS experts specialize in app modernization, enhancing code quality, availability, and update frequency. They ensure smooth migration of your legacy applications to AWS.


AWS IoT, AI, and Machine Learning Solutions

AWS enables efficient development of connected device applications with IoT Core, IoT Device Defender, and IoT Analytics. App Maisters specializes in upgrading or crafting new IoT solutions. Machine learning and AI quickly analyze data, automating application enhancements based on user and software interactions.

App Maisters Builds Future Ready Solution in AWS

Switching to AWS with App Maisters reduces infrastructure costs, enhances code reliability, and simplifies scaling. Our team of experts in full-stack development, architecture, and security tailors innovative digital solutions. Contact our AWS professionals for insights on cloud development, app modernization, and integration. Embrace AWS for its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and limitless scaling by consulting with our team today.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Migration to AWS Cloud Infrastructure

App Maisters upgraded the manufacturing software provider's data collection and quality analysis systems, transitioning their infrastructure to AWS with managed services, ensuring a seamless migration process and enhanced scalability for their operations.


Plastic Molding Manufacturer

App Maisters developed an application for a global plastic molding manufacturer, enabling organization-wide access to essential business tools and KPI visualizations for touchscreen use, enhancing their BI capabilities.


Healthcare Diagnostics Company IT Infrastructure Consolidation

App Maisters provided expertise in data center integration and migration, offering consultation and planning services to align technology with business processes, followed by dedicated onsite execution managing project management, application mapping, and flexible staffing, ensuring a smooth transition for the client.

Travel & Tour

Comprehensive Cloud Migration for a Leading Enterprise

App Maisters modernized the enterprise's operations by transitioning their application suite to the AWS Cloud, executing the initiative in two phases for efficient management and optimal results, ensuring modernization and enhanced efficiency for the client.

Travel & Tour

B2B Travel Management Solution Through AWS Migration

App Maisters migrated the client's data center to a cloud platform, ensuring scalability, high availability, and enhanced performance, seamlessly integrating on-premises systems for efficient operations and effectively meeting all objectives.
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