AWS Cloud Consulting Strategy and Planning Services

AWS Consulting and Development

Amazon Web Services (AWS Consulting) enables you to speed up the development and release cycles of your organization. Using certified AWS engineers, companies can deploy solutions to cloud-native environments using microservice architecture and containerized development strategies.

AWS Consulting Services and Infrastructure Overview

Legacy Application Modernization – Migration to the Cloud

AWS provides an integrated development, deployment, operation, and infrastructure ecosystem that drives modern organizational efficiencies. You can use the extensive suite of services available from AWS to modernize legacy applications, develop and deploy new solutions, host the supporting infrastructure, and manage customer relationships using built-in ITSM services.

Cloud Platform Development

App Maisters provides AWS Engineers that can assist with cloud-native development, establishing a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. AWS-hosted applications benefit from higher availability, improved data security, stable performance and zero downtime, as well as greater fault tolerance. By partnering with App Maisters’ AWS consultants, you can be sure that you will improve scalability, reduce maintenance tasks, and deploy new software more frequently.

AWS Platform Migration

With Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS), Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, software runs reliably no matter what the underlying environment looks like. As cloud resource consumption decreases with containerized applications, you can reduce your overall infrastructure footprint and overheads. With experts who know the benefits and pitfalls that come with your cloud migration strategy, App Maisters will ensure your migration from on-premises, CGP, or Microsoft Azure to AWS runs smoothly.

AWS IoT Development

The AWS environment provides you with the ability to develop applications for your connected devices using services like IoT Core, IoT Device Defender, and IoT Analytics. With IoT core, connected devices interact with other devices and cloud applications securely. App Maisters’ developers can assist with existing IoT implementations or build entirely new solutions.

Full Stack Development

The primary benefit of using microservice architecture is software updates can happen frequently without any disruption to your organization and with zero downtime. App Maisters’ AWS developers can assist you with app modernization services that improve your code integrity, overall availability, and feature release frequency. You can migrate your legacy applications and current software assets to AWS smoothly.

AWS IOT/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solutions

The AWS environment provides you with the ability to develop applications for your connected devices using IoT Core, IoT Device Defender, and IoT analytics. With IoT core, connected devices interact with other devices and cloud applications securely. App Maisters’ developers can assist with existing IoT implementations or build entirely new solutions.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable you to quickly structure, analyze, and understand all your data. With advanced analytical intelligence, you can automate application and service improvements according to the software and end-user behaviors.

App Maisters Builds Future-Ready Solutions in AWS

No matter what your current deployment and development strategies are, moving to the AWS ecosystem will reduce your infrastructure overhead, improve your code’s integrity and stability, as well as enable your company to scale easily.

App Maisters has a team of full-stack developers, landscape architects, service and security professionals. We develop solutions, assisting our clients to innovate using modern digital transformation strategies.

Reach out to our AWS Professionals to gain insights about our AWS’ solution offerings, and how App Maisters can assist you with all your cloud development, legacy app modernization, and solution integration needs.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the reduced overhead, improved reliability, and the scaling to infinite capabilities that AWS offers, Contact us today to speak with our consultants today.

Client Stories

Stand For Kind

Stand For Kind is a non-profit organization whose goal is to change the culture within schools and provide kindness programs to all schools. They wish to provide students access to quality safety programs. The application allows students to choose and perform a good deed from a pre-checked list and share it with friends – in other words, a social network for kindness.

Objective of the application was to increase the incentives for students to perform a good deed and collectively contribute to improving the culture of the school. By creating an application, the students had easy access to view, perform and share a good deed as well as submit an Act of Kindness.

Please Click Here to view Stand For Kind case study.

Lifecare Hospital - Native Cloud Development

A leading Healthcare Service provider dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients and maximizing their process of healing and recovery. The app provides Hospitals, physicians and partners the ability to refer patients to “LifeCare Health Partners”, taking into consideration criteria information and geo locations for the patients.

App Maisters developed a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Native app that allow physicians to refer patients to the “LifeCare Health Partners”, view the criteria information, and find the nearest hospitals based on the zip code. A key aspect was setup a Cloud based app architecture that’s HIPAA & HiTrust Compliant.

Please Click Here to view Lifecare Hospital case study.

Cloud Advisory for a Major Data collection and Analysis Software Provider

The software provider approached App Maisters Team for advisory service to help create a Roadmap for Cloud migration strategy for their complex application from on-prem to Cloud. The software is currently being used by major manufacturing companies through out the US. The  product runs typically on the manufacturing shop floor and collects data from the machines that measures manufactured parts.

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Business Application Migration to AWS Cloud

Built with an aim to bolster and serve the textile fraternity, the Customer has a market driven B2B portal that marked its existence in the year 2000 and since then, has consistently been growing in leaps and bounds. With digital presence in more than 190 countries, the organization has been able to carve a niche for themselves in the industry.

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AWS Migration-Manufacturing Industry

The client was looking for help in industrial manufacturing sector providing customized logistics and supply chain solutions to their clients. The main goal to develop such solutions was to achieve secure assets in complex supply chain models.

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