LifeCare Hospital


A leading Healthcare Service provider dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients and maximizing their process of healing and recovery. The app provides Hospitals, physicians and partners the ability to refer patients to “LifeCare Health Partners”, taking into consideration criteria information and geolocations for the patients.


App Maisters developed an app that allow physicians to refer patients to the “LifeCare Health Partners”, view the criteria information, and find the nearest hospitals based on the zip code. A key aspect was setup the app architecture based on HIPAA Compliance.


App Maisters designed and developed application for iOS and Android smartphone. The app consisted of features that allowed the Physician and Hospital staff to login in and view referrals submitted by Physicians for Patients’ assigned location.

The app identifies the list of hospitals based on zip codes entered and allows users to view overview, contact information and map on screen. Additionally, users are able to view all the assigned location conditions within the description


Tools & Technology

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Amazon Aurora
  • AWS Cloud Architecture
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PHP


  • Seamless process to identify and refer patients based on best-situated location
  • Partners can easily sign up and receive referred patients
  • Able to refer patients to different hospital and clinics faster
  • Automated system improved efficiency and effectiveness for patient services