Cattle Management App


Cattle Management App provides an integrated system using Digitization and GPS technologies, leveraged by an enhanced software application to help with ranching optimization. Manage multiple facets of ranching operations into a single platform, providing intuitive and relevant analysis to help make better business decisions. Use technology to more efficiently manage cattle operations by increasing output and production. The client has multiple ranches and runs into different day to day operations like vaccination tracking, Health Checkup of Cattles, Keep close Fences to don’t lose any of the herd.


The objective is to use technological advances to more efficiently manage cattle operations by increasing output and production, having a healthier herd and providing intuitive analysis for easy decision making and peace of mind to manage and monitor remotely. Application would provide 4 modules including a rolled up into a single dashboard and provide alerts via text and email.

Client wanted to build smart Ranching System, where they can track Animal in real time using GPS technology, and want to monitor health of the Cattles. As well as they want to have real time alerts if any of the set criteria been triggered, Like Temperature of Any Cattle is Risen above normal, Location of Cattle is been tracked outside of the Fence.


App Maisters built an Web Application which allowed to manage their Assets digitally and allowed them to bind with IoT Devices. App Maisters showed Google Map with Geofencing Features as well as defined Customizable Rule Engine where they can create their own rules for getting alerts & Emails. The system also allows to send Real-time SMS(Text Messages).

Forecasting & Economic Modules were added to manage the Financial Matters of the Ranches.

The solution was deployed on Amazon Cloud using Cloud Computing & RDS, with extensive Scalability configuration.

Tools & Technology