Quick Start


QuickStart is a company working on academic projects including training and teaching. It has an eCommerce portal for academic stuff. App Maisters has worked over the APIs of sales enablement so that if users login from outside the portal, their information is relayed to App Maisters team via APIs.


To create APIs for a new section of “Sales Enablement” in the already existing website of “QuickStart”. App Maisters created Backend API’s connecting the Sales Enablement module with the Admin Panel. This allowed users to access Sales Enablement module while surfing on various websites owned by QuickStart.

App Solution

Sales Enablement is a portal that is used by general audience. Its users get themselves registered outside the portal with basic information including their organization details and profile privacy. App Maisters created APIs for the features that are available on the Sales Enablement Portal, where the users sign-in from outside the portal and their information is relayed to App Maisters team via APIs.

Tools & Technology

  • Springboot Java
  • Mysql
  • Html (css,bootstrap)


  • User profiles APIs
  • Rating systems APIs
  • Email notification API
  • Search API
  • Channels APIs
  • Media list APIs