Sports Statistics App


Our client is an all-in-one sports statistics hub. With a user-friendly interface, they provide a comprehensive range of current stats for your favorite teams. From comparing different teams to analyzing player performance, our client offers sports enthusiasts a seamless experience, empowering them with valuable insights and providing the ultimate destination for unlocking the world of sports statistics.


The client had approached the App Maisters team with the task of enhancing their existing mobile app. The objective had been to deliver an MVP of the app (Phase I) and later develop a Historical API (Phase II). The app had showcased live scores and stats for NBA, WNBA, Football, and Baseball teams, allowing users to compare player-to-player and team-to-team statistics. Additionally, the app had offered player and team profiles for a comprehensive sport viewing experience. The App Maisters team had been entrusted with the responsibility of executing this project and meeting the client’s objectives.


App Maisters proposed a comprehensive solution for the client application, encompassing the design and development of various key features. The proposed solution includes creating a dynamic dashboard with game menus, schedules, live stats, and seamless integration of advertising using Google Ad Mob. Profile pages will offer users the ability to add profile pictures and access saved comparisons between players and teams. To provide additional value, a subscription model will be implemented, granting users access to advanced analytics through the sports radar API. The solution also involves integrating payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, while incorporating the client’s provided data for the terms & conditions and privacy policy sections. By implementing these enhancements, App Maisters aims to deliver a user-friendly and comprehensive sports app that exceeds the client’s expectations and provides an immersive experience for users.

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