Famous brands such as Starbucks or Mcdonald’s may not seem to be technology giants. And yet, they’ve invested heavily in developing their own mobile apps to increase their revenues. Increasingly more brands and medium-sized businesses are looking into the potential of mobile apps to help them boost their ROI.

Before getting started, the first step is to assess your needs. User experience is more important now than ever, meaning that small businesses must look beyond functionality. Let’s have a closer look at some of the core benefits of mobile apps and how they can be used to increase ROI x 10-fold.

Focus on strengthening online business awareness 

Much like a brick-and-mortar store, mobile apps work as a business outlet. It’s an online channel that provides brands – regardless of shape and size – with an opportunity to boost their revenue stream. Renowned eCommerce brands already have an online presence, and companies such as Zara or H&M, for example, sell online the same type of merchandise they display in physical stores.

Small businesses cannot afford to have both physical and online, meaning that in the initial phases of your business, you need to make a choice. As opposed to a physical store, growth can happen much faster online because it’s cheaper, more convenient, and highly efficient considering the variety of channels and content you can use to promote an early-stage business.

Mobile Apps Drive brand recognition across social media 

For any mobile app to have traction and become known in the market, business leaders will have to pay close attention to the buyer’s journey. The story behind the brand is just as important because it showcases originality. Customers today want to buy from original brands that are different, unique, and sustainable. However, they also want creativity and a streamlined user experience.

And yet, that won’t be enough to grow. The secret to brand recognition lies in your ability to strategize and leverage the right social channels to promote your mobile apps and your business. Content that goes beyond the scope of selling has the best chance of winning over your target audience. Whether you’re using Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, podcasts, or discount deals, it’s critical to be consistent on social media.

Leverage the power of loyalty programs 

One of the main drawbacks of social media channels for promoting mobile apps is that it comes with fierce competitors. It has become incredibly difficult to stand out as big brands pour millions into paid advertising. If you want your audience to stay engaged, focus on developing attractive loyalty programs.

Keeping current buyers engaged is vital, but it’s equally critical to have reward systems within your mobile apps that target prospects. For example, you could offer a 20% discount to first-time customers. After they sign up and place an order, keep them interested with different vouchers, premiums, or free samples. Loyalty programs are not just meant to draw in customers. Their purpose is to keep them on your mobile apps for as long as possible.

Use real-time user data wisely 

Having a mobile app attached to your business offers an opportunity to get to know your customers. User data is valuable, however, it needs to be processed correctly to have any value. Modern businesses depend on data to segment their audience and provide each group of customers with targeted products and services. Analytics and data collection should be a core marketing strategy for your mobile app because they can help you target customer browsing habits, engagement level within the app, types of products purchased, and more.
Having a mobile app attached to your business can have a transformative impact on brand awareness, growth, brand strategy, and ultimately, your turnover. However, the development process can be challenging if you’re just getting started. The best and most convenient solution, in this case, is to partner with an app development company to help you speed the process, and align business goals with the technical experience of a skilled team.

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