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Expert Mobile App Development in Houston, Texas

Over the past ten years, App Masters has been helping many businesses run affordable and fully developed mobile apps on various virtual platforms. Our clients are spread throughout various major cities in the United States. We have our head office located in Sugar Land, Texas. Numerous Houston based app developers and tech oriented organizations are listed as clients in our portfolio. Ever since our launch, we have managed to successfully deliver more than 400 mobile app development projects worldwide.

Why Do You Need Houston's App Development Services?

With Houston’s GDP at a robust $490.1 billion, largely driven by pioneering mobile apps from NASA and Flight Aware, local businesses are turning to app development for a competitive edge. By tapping into Houston’s rich pool of app developers, your business can gain a significant advantage in the market and expand its global reach.

Why App Maisters is Houston's Premier Mobile App Developer?

With a decade of experience and over 400 projects, App Maisters excels in delivering tailored, advanced mobile app solutions in Houston. Our expert team, proficient in the latest technologies and platforms, ensures versatile, user-friendly apps that enhance productivity and efficiency for our clients across all systems and devices.


Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Strong Hearts

The partnership with App Maisters sought to create an innovative health and education app. This app included interactive content, social networking, goal monitoring, and instructor-led assistance, all designed to empower users in enhancing their well-being through education, collaboration, and personalized guidance.

Oil & Gas

Sharepoint DMS System

AM developed a concise SharePoint solution to boost document management and efficiency for a global Oil & Gas company, focusing on automation, security, and streamlined workflows.


Schizophrenia Patients Treatment App (SPT APP)

The EPI-MINN project developed the SPT (Schizophrenia Patient Treatment) App, enhancing the quality of life for young individuals with schizophrenia and their families.


Shareone Banking App

App Maisters partners with Share One for a banking app development, focusing on customization to meet client needs. The app features include bill payments, money transfers, and more, enhancing user financial management on the go.

Oil & Gas

Intranet Portal with Generative AI

App Maisters developed "Partner Portal," an AI-powered intranet hub, centralizing partner and vendor interactions for real-time visibility and streamlined resource management, enhancing efficiency and document handling.
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Premier App Development Services in Houston

iOS App Development Houston

Coding is considered a lengthy and time consuming portion of the iOS app development process. It is hence very crucial to make sure that the application being developed does not crash at any cost whatsoever. Programming portion also requires a high level of skill with some fine-tuning. Everything we do ultimately ensures that your app functions seamlessly. From implementing a particular update, fixing a faulty feature on your existing app to getting consultation, marketing and validation in favor of your idea, App Maisters’ gives you the best you have been hoping for. We have one singular goal: Helping customers in their struggle to find a cost-effective technique for getting their job done. Visit our iOS app Development if you need to learn more about our development process.

Android App Development Houston

The Android application platform happens to be one of the most likeable platforms among consumers. The Android Store contains multiple app categories and easily engages more than millions of users. API rules in android app development are somewhat less strict, but the QA testing that is carried out here is more demanding. But don’t stress, being experts at everything related to mobility and app development in Houston, Texas area, we will handle it without a glitch. App Maisters will hand you a professional team of experienced engineers, designers, and app developers. Each one of our experts is fully prepared to deal with all kinds of mobile application development ventures. Ranging from simple phones, to custom devices, and even to latest wearables, we’ve got it all together, we have the right mind and the resources. Head over to our Android app Development to learn more about our development methods.

Cross Platform App Development Houston

Leveraging the popularity of Android, iOS, and other platforms, cross-platform app development offers broad user reach. At App Maisters, our team in Houston, Texas excels in creating seamless cross-platform apps. With extensive expertise in technologies like React Native and Xamarin, we ensure your app functions flawlessly across different devices and operating systems.

Web App Development Houston

Web applications provide versatile solutions accessible across various devices and browsers. App Maisters, based in Houston, Texas, offers top-notch web app development services. Utilizing modern technologies such as React, Angular, and Node.js, our expert team crafts dynamic and responsive web applications tailored to your requirements. From e-commerce platforms to enterprise solutions, we deliver high-quality web apps that drive engagement and productivity.

Cloud App Development Houston

In today’s digital landscape, cloud-based applications offer scalability, flexibility, and accessibility. At App Maisters, we specialize in cloud app development, harnessing the power of platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Our team in Houston, Texas designs and deploys robust cloud-based solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration, reliability, and security.

Our Development Methodology


We pride ourselves in creating stunning user interfaces that are focused not only on aesthetics, but on the experience the user has when using the android app. This includes aspects such as: accessibility, user-friendliness and intuitiveness.



We develop the app architecture by carefully engineering the server and database calls for the lowest possible overheads in terms of CPU usage to make sure the app is optimized for speed and responsiveness.

App Development

For App Development, we select the best possible technology for the project include using caching and optimized table structures that will provide the fastest results and the best scaling options. Also, depending on the situation, we use SQLite to store information on the device.

Cloud Development

We provide several options for Cloud-based Development including Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure depending on client requirements, cost and scalability required for the app.

Deployment & Hosting

We work with Amazon, Google Cloud, Rackspace and have extensive experience in deployment and managing production environments. Our 24×7 NOC team ensures that your cloud services are tuned for performance and ready for load-balancing, replication and scaling. Should your app require a backend component, rest assured our expert developers can handle the task at hand.

Quality Assurance

We take Quality Assurance in app projects very seriously. We pride ourselves in delivering bug-free build to our clients. It is important for us to ensure that when your app is published on the store, it is as optimized and easily approved.

Find Houston's Best Mobile App Developers at App Maisters

for Outstanding Results

Sometimes, having an in-house development team is simply not enough. App Maisters is aware of the fact that your business needs to move fast—you need the best team for getting the job done, yet there seems very little or no time to achieve all that. We have the talent, work flow and the scale standard to meet a project of any size. Our proficient app developers can work with your internal team to achieve the exact results your business wants. Contact us if you are from Houston, Texas, and you need any help assistance at all with your mobile application development. Let’s join hands to enhance your productivity, your way.