Advanced Technical Educational Consultants


Based in South Florida, Advanced Technical and Educational Consultants (ATEC) specialize in providing design, development, and delivery of state-of-the-art Department of Defense chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE), emergency services, and emergency management training and exercises. They were looking for a system that would allow their clients to be able to track and account for patients during a mass casualty event.


App Maisters’ team was required to develop an application that is user-friendly and able to effectively track patients using radio frequency bands and QR codes when they pass through certain checkpoints. The objective was to find a solution that assists emergency responders to account for patients during a mass casualty event and also evaluate the performance of emergency responders in managing triage, treatment and transport activities in a mass casualty event.

Challenges Faced

One of the key challenges to overcome was the integration of the RFID Scanner (Gorkit) SDK with the customized application and also to improve server response time so that the responders could scan 10-15 devices in a minute.


App Maisters development specialist sat with ATEC stakeholders and looked at several RFID bands and scanning solutions and chose UGrokit for the scanning platform to scan RFID and QR codes. Our design team also worked closely with the client to ensure that app user interfaces are graphically appealing and the interfaces flow well between screens.

The app successfully measures and records the specific date and time of a patient that moves past at any given checkpoint by scanning the patient’s armband integrated with an RFID chip.

In addition, we also provided a QR code within the app that can also be used as a scanning device if needed. The system stored all the information and organized it around Google Docs which were being displayed on large screens to identify the location of these patients at a given time, also helped successfully evaluate the performance of emergency responders in managing triage, treatment, and transport activities. The project was delivered within time and budget.