Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Looking to take your organization to the next level by implementing an enterprise application throughout your corporation’s operations and business practices? We have experts that are fully equipped to analyze your company’s requirement, generate efficacy probabilities and suggest the right program to suit your business need. To make sure we provide a 360 degree experience, our expert development team will implement your program to seamlessly merge with your business processes without any downtime and ensure the program’s effectiveness through post-implementation follow-up.


Salesforce offers a complete suite of applications to increase productivity and automate your business processes. Benefiting your employees, partners and customers. But it takes a level of Salesforce expertise and industry knowledge to unlock the true potential of Salesforce platform.


App Maisters provides extensive experience in the digital transformation of facilities services industry and brings strong client relationship practices to ensure all initiatives deliver value added services to this demanding marketplace. App Maisters offers a cost take out solution that effectively identifies and implements operational cost reductions in large conglomerates.

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Microsoft SharePoint empowers organizations to take control of their business processes through support for customized application development. Whether you are new to SharePoint or have years of experience using the platform, our SharePoint application development services offer the solution you need to optimize deployment.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 for SharePoint Online provides enterprises with ease of use, intuitive collaboration capabilities, and support for custom development. Using this cloud-based service, you can integrate location-independent workflows with one another and collaborate with colleagues and customers in the cloud.

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Office 365 Application Development - App Maisters


A comprehensive content management platform such as Sitecore requires a robust implementation method through experts that understand the intricacies of Interface Design and Integration, Data Migration & Reengineering, Process Orchestration and Data Integration, that is the reason many large conglomerates trust App Maisters as their go-to partner for Sitecore Implementation.

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Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software from Microsoft. App Maisters has been a trusted implementation partner for large organizations in the CRM Platforms deployment with successful hassle-free integrations and guaranteed client satisfaction through our processes which include Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Warehousing & Business Rules Management.

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App Maisters Salesforce Custom App Development

Client Stories

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Oil & Gas

Environmental Data Collection App

App Maisters and Gas Emission Firm innovate emissions monitoring with an intuitive Android Tablet App, providing real-time environmental data for informed decision-making.


Relocation Services Salesforce Integration

App Maisters developed a comprehensive Salesforce solution for lead management, integrating Adobe EchoSign for agreements and third-party apps like QuickBooks, streamlining processes from lead capture to material dispatch, ensuring efficient tracking, scheduling, and task reminders for the sales team, meeting all business requirements effectively.


Transforming Cemetery Services with Business Intelligence

App Maisters developed a scalable BI solution tailored for the funeral and cemetery industry, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and featuring a user-friendly interface for enhanced decision-making.

Oil & Gas

SharePoint DMS System

AM developed a concise SharePoint solution to boost document management and efficiency for a global Oil & Gas company, focusing on automation, security, and streamlined workflows.


Artificial Heart Pump Controlling App

This application was strategically designed to effectively operate and regulate a mechanical circulatory support apparatus, specifically an Artificial Heart Pump.
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