Smart gears such as tablets and mobile devices are reshaping how we approach shared knowledge sources by constantly keeping us in touch with all available information and data. It has given us freedom to enjoy unprecedented access to expertise, from online university courses to free lessons from top talents on YouTube.

This is where we come in, App Maisters specialize in developing highly interactive E-learning apps that comply all the requirements of classroom teaching.

Mobility Solutions For Education Industry - App Maisters

Mobility Solutions For Education Industry

The popularity of mobile devices is reaching new heights every day.

Mobile learning is easily accessible anyplace and it motivates self-learning. Technology advancements nowadays offers opportunity to mobile developers to develop innovative applications by finding the right market.

Mobile devices are the perfect medium to draw-in customers, allowing them to take learning past the conventional classroom.

Augmented Reality For Education

AR is reshaping the approach of education. AR-based educational applications allow students to view 3D-models from various angles of various fields.

AR allows students to capture knowledge about what they’re learning more effortlessly. For instance, after scanning some photo linked with an AR-model of what is depicted there, students can get instant information about the subject.

A smart and easy studying cycle is Picture – Model – Info – Memory. Students will be able preserve more knowledge this way, moreover, the knowledge will stay for a much longer period when it’s associated with a part-real experience.

Augmented Reality For Education - App Maisters
Structured Learning Process - App Maisters

Structured Learning Process

Augmented Reality based applications allows students to view learning models individually on their own mobile device. This allows teachers to co-relate the topic and provide better understanding of the concepts they are trying to teach.

This is a fun way to get the attention of students and strengthening ideas they’ve seen amid class lectures.

Because of Augmented Reality based applications, teachers no longer need to waste time in the preparation of physical study materials. AR apps allow students to access and view AR Models from a mobile device at any time. Regardless of whether they are at home or in the classroom.

Enhanced Student Learning

Educational mobile apps helps in grooming teacher / student relationship by allowing students to ask questions using the app and teachers to respond to the queries regarding the subject, thus maintaining transparency throughout.

Kids nowadays are more adept to E-learning apps because these apps allow them to search the best study material and get access to it.

E-learning apps accommodates teachers to maintain records of every student, so that the they know which student require more assistance, which one is doing just fine and which one really understands the subject.

Enhanced Student Learning - App Maisters

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Astros Foundation

App Maisters developed an engaging sports-themed website and app for elementary and primary-grade children, integrating literacy exploration with gamification elements for the Astros Foundation.


Quick Start

QuickStart is a company working on academic projects including training and teaching. It has an eCommerce portal for academic stuff. App Maisters has worked over the APIs of sales enablement so that if users login from outside the portal, their information is relayed to App Maisters team via APIs.


Stand For Kind

App Maisters developed a social network application for Stand For Kind, enabling students to perform and share good deeds from a pre-checked list, fostering a culture of kindness and safety programs within schools.


E-Commerce and Content Management Platform

App Maisters developed a versatile e-commerce website with a robust content management system, facilitating seamless distribution and management of multimedia educational content across professional and regulated industries, effectively meeting the client's goals.
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