Stand For Kind


Stand For Kind is a non-profit organization whose goal is to change the culture within schools and provide kindness programs to all schools. They wish to provide students access to quality safety programs. The application allows students to choose and perform a good deed from a pre- checked list and share it with friends – in other words, a social network for kindness.


Objective of the application was to increase the incentives for students to perform a good deed and collectively contribute to improving the culture of the school. By creating an application, the students had easy access to view, perform and share a good deed as well as submit an Act of Kindness.


  • Social application created that can be accessed by the School Principal to view every students act of kindness
  • An admin panel that can approve any Submission made by student for ‘Act of Kindness’. Principal to be notified upon student’s submission
  • In order to recognize the students, the system manages and records the student’s data and tracks activities accomplished
  • Provided a space where student can report bullies anonymously to Principal directly

Tools & Technology

  • Objective C
  • Java
  • AWS Cloud (EC2, Load balancer, cloud watch)
  • My SQL
  • Php Laravel


  • An intuitive application for students to interact and articipate
  • Secure application to store and record student data and activities.
  • Easily accessible & manageable for students as well as School Principal
  • Provides a quick and easy incentive for students to be collaborative and active within the school