The rules of the business world are changing at lightspeed, and it’s all happening because of the metaverse. New metaverse-related projects and metaverse applications are being developed extremely fast, transforming, influencing, and impacting how business operations function. In many ways, it’s human interaction 2.0, powered by digital platforms and new technologies ready to disrupt the way people connect with each other in real life.

Tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony, Google, and Apple are spending a fortune to expand and improve the metaverse. By merging technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with cloud-based servers, smartphones, computers, and headsets, it’s safe to assume that there are endless applications for the metaverse. Let’s check out some of the most popular right now:

Improved social media experience 

Sooner or later, the metaverse applications will go mainstream, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, argued that it will completely change the way people use social media. Currently, social media channels are 2D platforms, and interactions are limited to shares, likes, and comments. In the metaverse, VR and AR technologies will be able to provide an immersive social experience, with real-time meetings and improved interactions. Rather than connect with a screen, a metaverse-based social platform will replace reality, and users will use avatars to communicate, connect, and engage in a 3D world.

Optimized communication and business productivity 

The technologies associated with the metaverse applications will completely change the world of business. Channels like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom can only provide 2D communication, via audio and video. In the future, the metaverse will take virtual meetings to a new level with 3D real-life people holograms meant to upgrade the user experience. As for productivity, in the real estate industry companies will use the metaverse to provide realistic virtual tours of their residential and commercial projects, increasing sales and changing the way people buy property.

Immersive marketing & sales 

An improved social media experience by the metaverse applications will automatically change the marketing and sales industries. Offline billboards will be displayed in virtual cities, and they’ll be seen by millions of avatars. As more investors are pouring millions into metaverse real estate property, brands will have a new open market ready to be conquered – the virtual world. Targeting services and products in the metaverse will be a lot more accurate, and thus marketing campaigns will be developed based on the specific needs of the user.

Innovative blockchain applications 

Blockchain technology has demonstrated that it can employer and complement the metaverse applications beautifully. From blockchain-based gaming to NFTs, distributed ledger technologies have the power to build scalable, sustainable, and practical virtual economies powered by digital currencies. With blockchain on the metaverse, NFT marketplaces could become more engaging and realistic. Considering the transactional transparency of the blockchain, users can benefit from interactive experiences to make better, more informed trading decisions.

The future of entertainment is on the metaverse applications

The entertainment industry has viable chances of positioning itself at the heart of the metaverse. Global virtual concerts and theatre plays, for example, could provide immersive, 3D experiences to everyone looking to attend and enjoy the live performances of some of the world’s top-rated celebrities. Powered by state-of-the-art technologies, virtual theme parks, and sports events are additional metaverse applications that could forever change the entertainment industry.

As the metaverse goes mainstream, it pays to look into its benefits. Although it may take years until full adoption, organizations interested in the technologies can get a head start by learning more about the benefits of the metaverse, its use cases, and how its applications can be used to improve business wellness.

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