The COVID-19 pandemic is escalating at unprecedented speed, constantly putting pressure on all industries struggling to get business back on track. In healthcare, the main priority has been to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the general Healthcare Industry of populations worldwide. Now, more than ever, there’s a dire necessity to leverage new technology to help contain the pandemic.

Implemented correctly, technology can mobilize and secure the virtual workforce, at the same time enabling digital healthcare and accelerating the distribution of fundamental supplies. Furthermore, it has the power to automate manual processes, disrupt operations, and redirect the workforce to execute strategic initiatives.

How advanced Healthcare Industry technology can disrupt

The volume and speed of the advanced Healthcare Industry currently in use emphasize their potential to disrupt healthcare. New interwoven physical and digital experiences pave the way for providing reliable and trusted care remotely. Due to the pandemic, mandatory social distancing has led to an inevitable increase in remote diagnostics, home health solutions, and telemedicine. Increasingly more patients are getting used to the new normal, giving virtual care a pivotal role in creating a new, fully digitized future for the Healthcare industry.

Resiliency plans have already been set in place to ensure business continuity. Scalable technology plays a big part in shifting the mindset of leaders in the Healthcare Industry who have no choice but to embrace digitalization. Amid COVID-19, it has been demonstrated that the only strategies that work are short-termed. Six focus areas must be addressed for change in healthcare to happen:

  • Virtual workforce validation and the implementation of end-user devices, remote networks, operational support, and collaboration tools
  • Cloud acceleration via automation, agile architectures, and alternative sourcing solutions capable to meet demand
  • Advanced security is able to create flexible processes and solutions that can adapt to unforeseen changes in times of crisis
  • Agility and speed to activate organizations via data analytics and gaining enough insight to understand critical impacts and take immediate action
  • Fast validation of remote diagnostics systems, virtual care delivery, and telemedicine

Preparations for a better tomorrow are made today

For every focus area mentioned in the lines above, the Healthcare industry will have to implement a sequence of actions to get things started ‘now’ and be prepared for what tomorrow may bring. At this point, COVID-19 is a humanitarian crisis, a global health concern, and an economic shock. By paying more attention to the way advanced technologies can get businesses back on track, health leaders have viable chances to scale and meet the increasing demands of all stakeholders involved.

An important step that should be considered is a complete restructuring of outdated IT systems and legacy frameworks that no longer render results. For organizations to recover and adapt to the ongoing changes happening in operations, executives must start focusing on building digital capabilities and educating their customers on the true benefits of digital transformation.

IoT – the path to recovery amid COVID-19

For both customers and providers, IoT can help keep track of the daily activities of patients remotely. Smart technology like thermostats, connected inhalers, and ingestible sensors pave the way to recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, patients are staying at home. This means that the only viable way of ensuring they are healthy and looking after their well-being is via virtual systems.

As increasingly more companies acknowledge the importance of new technology, the Healthcare industry will gain the data and insight needed to take advantage of innovation and transform for a stronger future. However, for real change to occur, the key might be for companies to partner up with FinTechs and become more open to innovative solutions that can truly alter the face of broken legacy systems.

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