Escalating the IoT (Internet of Things) with 5G Network Technologies

Digital transformation is no longer a basic need, but an existential demand for companies depending on the IoT (Internet of Things) to sustain their growth and overall development. By integrating sensors and IoT devices into enterprise processes, companies can gain tremendous leverage. They can gain visibility in real-time and at the same time extract data with precision on various operations.

By 2023, the number of IoT-based devices is anticipated to increase from 700 million to 3 billion. Out of all the contributing factors impacting the growth, the most impactful is the expansion of 5G network.

Introducing 5G, the 5th generation of mobile communications

For the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, the launch of 5G network is a huge step into the future as it is set to improve the reliability and performance of all connected devices. From 27 billion IoT-enabled devices in use, the market increased to 31 billion in 2020. As a result, increasingly more companies are testing new use cases. The end goal is to benefit from augmented broadband, low latency, ultra-reliable communication, as well as narrowband internet.

According to recent research, 5G – as an IoT technology –  is anticipated to reach $6.3 billion by 2025. Market adoption will most likely be transformational for many industries and sectors mainly because it offers opportunities to revamp old use cases and build better ones. In healthcare, for example, 5G can enable first responders to get real-time information on patient data on the go. To streamline the route to a hospital, connected ambulances can tap into a city’s transportation system, get access to traffic signs, and potentially save more lives.

Tapping into the potential of 5G network across industries

The success of an IoT-enabled device is linked to performance, which depends on how fast that device can communicate with other connected IoT tablets, smartphones, and software. Since the main benefit of 5G is increased data-transfer speed, the technology is 10x faster than existing LTE networks. By sharing and communicating data extremely fast, numerous Industries will have the chance to revolutionize their products and services.

5G in manufacturing

In manufacturing, for instance, factories can leverage IoT and 5G to perfect time-sensitive processes. To streamline task automation, businesses can combine collaborative robots with the integration of different sensors on factory floors.

5G in agriculture

In agriculture, the technology can leverage harvesting robots to stream images to the servers in live mode. This way, the feedback received happens in near real-time. Soil sensor deployments can also be used to save maintenance costs.

5G in automotive

Connected cars are going mainstream, meaning that in-vehicle infotainment systems powered by 5G and IoT could give automakers a huge competitive advantage.

5G in healthcare

Given that consumers today are focusing more on well-being, 5G could help speed up m-Health (mobile health), a sub-sector that aims to provide better healthcare even from a distance.

Expanding the world of IoT with a 5G Network

Digital maturity and the openness to embrace advanced technology are the core two attributes for attaining success across all industries. Increasingly more companies are making digital transformation happen, and IoT-based devices are a fundamental part of the journey. The underlying technology enables organizations to gain meaningful insights on target audience behavior, at the same time driving them to customize experiences and improve overall effectiveness through automation.

It’s no doubt that 4G networks and Wi-Fi are powerful technologies. But they’re limited. 5G instead, has close to zero latency, increased bandwidth, and high reliability. However, in spite of the trends, there are attributes that may come in the way of worldwide adoption. In the end, the cost will be the main influencer, as well as government regulations, spectrum opens, and the overall availability of IoT devices that can sustain 5G networks.

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