AI has been a hot topic in the business community for a number of years now and it will continue to be in the spotlight because of its continued growth. The power and capabilities of AI are constantly growing. The AI of today will most assuredly be very different from that of tomorrow. Here is a tantalizing glimpse at what the future of AI development has in store.

How the Future of AI Development Is Being Shaped:

The future of AI programming is being shaped by how we use it today. Just like every other tool ever devised throughout the course of human history, AI programming is going to be continuously molded into the shapes and forms we desire it to take on.

These forms and capabilities are influenced by what we want to be able to do. With that in mind, here are some of the changes that are expected to take place in the future of artificial intelligence.    

AI Could Change Cities on a Massive Scale:

How AI is used by city municipalities will play a key role in determining what the AI development of the future will look like. The incorporation of AI into cities around the world is an exciting trend that is expected to continue. This means that the cities we know today could feel very different as AI forges ahead into the future.

Some of the things that will change the most in cities will be transportation, traffic, schools, and reductions in poverty. AI is expected to help alleviate poverty in the future. Traffic and transportation within cities may undergo drastic changes as AI and the push for self-driving automobiles goes on.

Schools will offer different learning experiences as AI will be used increasingly in the future to help guide teachers by tracking student learning performance.

How AI Will Change the Retail Experience Well Into the Future:

One of the areas that will experience the most visible changes from advancements in AI is the retail shopping experience. This assumes that online ordering will not completely overshadow retail of course. As it turns out, there is a good reason to be optimistic about the future of brick-and-mortar storefront-based retail as the use of AI has brought new tools to stores like virtual mirrors.

Virtual mirrors are being used in stores to help indecisive customers envision what different garments in different sizes would look like on them.

Online retail will also experience advancements in AI in the future in the form of improved and perhaps startlingly effective chatbot development. The continuance of chatbot development will change the way online ordering feels as chatbots become more sophisticated and relatable to humans.

The Future of AI, the Human Body, and Medical Science:

Another area that will assuredly experience spectacular changes as AI advances into the future is medical science and AI applications for the human body. For some, this is a symbol of hope as AI can be leveraged for insight into the human body and give us a chance to address many diseases that are untreatable to date.

For those of the other camp, this trend represents the beginning of a dystopian nightmare as humans use technology to tinker with things that are well beyond their understanding. Whatever the outcome, the AI of the future will be used extensively in medicine.

There is no question that AI development will continue to rapidly induce changes in the future. This is the one certainty that we have. The nature and extent of these changes remain largely unknown until the present catches up to the future. For some, it will be an exciting ride, and for others, it will be a rollercoaster as they are plunged into the unfamiliar, so it always helps to have a digital transformation partner like App Maisters by your side to help you navigate.